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XXXXX XXXXX Please can you answer this for $70 please1.

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XXXXX XXXXX Please can you answer this for $70 please
1. For the fiscal year of 2003, the Walt Disney Company reported revenues of $27,061 million, total assets of $49,988 million, shareholder's equity of $23,791 million, and net income of $1,267 million.
Calculate the profit margin, the return on equity, and the asset turnover. Assess the Walt Disney Company based on these results.
2. Choose a company from this list:
• EMC (
• FedEx (
• Merck (
Describe the key characteristics of the company's image in the industry.
Go to the About EMC, About FedEx, or About Merck sections. Note the company's commitment to corporate governance and identify the key features of its commitment.
In addition, identify the main competitors and compare their reputations.
3. For the fiscal year of 2003, Coca Cola had revenues of $21,044 million, gross profit of $13,282 million, operating income of $5,221 million, and net income of $4,347 million. Dividend payout was 49.8% to 2.49 million shareholders.
Calculate the gross profit, the operating profit, and the net profit ratios.
Calculate the dividends received per shareholder.
4. Perform a cross-section analysis of Coca Cola's financial position for the past 5 years.
Calculate the degree of operating leverage and financial leverage.
5. For the fiscal year 2003, Amazon had a net cash flow of $392 million from operations, a net cash flow of $237 million from investments, and a net cash flow of -$331 million from financing. Net sales were $5,264 million with net income of $35 million. Cash was $1,103 million, debt was $1,945 million, and equity was -$1,036 million.
Calculate the cash flow. Analyze if the cash flow is adequate.
6. Calculate the operating cash flow and the free cash flow for Amazon and state your opinion on their adequacy.
Thanks for requesting me. When do you need these by?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Satursday please, Thanks
Ok; I will complete by then.

I was wondering if it is ok if I post by early tomorrow morning. Let me know if that works for you.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
yes, early tomorrow morning is fine thanks

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