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1. As a direct result of the XYZ affair, A. Jays

Resolved Question:

1. As a direct result of the XYZ affair, A. Jay's Treaty was repudiated by President XXXXX XXXXX. B. Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts. C. relations between France and America deteriorated. D. Napoleon was persuaded to sell the Louisiana Territory. 3. In America, the main influence of the Enlightenment was expressed through A. practical scientific experimentation. B. family life. C. philosophies of religion. D. moral values. 4. Parliament passed the Coercive Acts, known in America as the Intolerable Acts, in response to A. the Boston Tea Party. B. insults addressed to the customs commissioners. C. the Boston Massacre. D. Patrick Henry's Resolves 5. The Puritan _______ became the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. A. XXXXX XXXXX B. John Winthrop C. Arnold Hutchinson D. William Bradford 7. In 1700, which of the following colonies had the largest slave population relative to its overall population? A. South Carolina B. Massachusetts C. Pennsylvania D. Virginia 10. Which of the following statements is true of life in the New England colonies? A. Many New England women were prosperous entrepreneurs. B. Only married women could exercise control of their property. C. Literacy wasn't considered important. D. Those who aspired to the social elite had to be members of a Congregational church 12. In 1777, who commanded the American soldiers who captured 5,800 British soldiers under General Burgoyne at Saratoga? A. William Howe B. Horatio Gates C. XXXXX XXXXX D. Benedict Arnold 13. The Articles of Confederation called for which of the following? A. A chief executive B. A single legislative body C. The right of the legislature to assess taxes D. The Northwest Ordinance 17. Sir George Grenville, King George's Chancellor of the Exchequer, enacted the Revenue Act of 1764 to raise revenue for maintenance of the British Army in America. In the colonies, it was commonly known as the _______ Act. A. Quartering B. Stamp C. Tea D. Sugar 18. In Jefferson's view, XXXXX XXXXX's action in addressing the Whiskey Rebellion A. amounted to an inappropriate overreaction. B. was appropriate but not sufficiently bold. C. was a fitting response to an immediate threat to the federal government. D. wouldn't have been necessary save for the influence of Republican clubs 19. Which of the following was the primary interest of the British government in approving James Oglethorpe's Georgia colony? A. Providing an asylum for British debtors B. Thwarting Spanish claims in the area south of Carolina C. Increasing immigration to the southern colonies D. Developing new lands for rice production 20. For revolutionaries like XXXXX XXXXX, the term _______ embraced a way of life, a core ideology, and an uncompromising commitment to liberty and equality. A. republicanism B. federalism C. Americanism D. independency
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Kathy replied 6 years ago.

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