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This is for Chris M. Will pay Bonus #41284300 Questions

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This is for "Chris M." Will pay Bonus #41284300

Questions 1-20: Select the one best answer to each question.
1. Lauren sees her supervisor selling drugs to other employees.
She reports this actlvltv to her shop steward. While the case
is under investigation, Lauren's supervisor terminates her
employment for no particular reason. Lauren could file a
wrongful-discharge claim under which rationale?
A. Implied contract
B. Public policy
C. Implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing
D. At-will employment

2. Kelly is the shop steward and Andrew is the foreman at
Clearwater Construction. Kelly constantly threatens that he
and his union buddies will file fake grievances if Andrew
doesn't let them take longer breaks while on the clock. Kelly
knows that Andrew's boss will likely take action against
Andrew if there are too many grievances filed. What type of
relationship do Kelly and Andrew have?
A. Empathetic relationship
B. Codified relationship
C. Grievance relationship
D. Power relationship
3. Which of the following established work rules would arbitrators and unions find acceptable
in a disciplinary situation?
A. Any employee who is late more than 10 minutes on three different occasions in any
30-day period will receive a 16-hour suspension without pay.
B. There's no smoking at work. _
C. As to comply with the religious beliefs of the company owners, employees may not
eat meat on Saturdays or Sundays. Any employee doing so will receive a 16-hour
suspension without pay.
D. It would behoove any permanently contracted individual to abstain from enacting
any nonregulatory malfeasants during the nonabstract hours of their productive
vocational activities.

4. Which of the following would be considered a mitigating circumstance when considering
a disciplinary penalty?
A. Johnson was late to work because he arrived late to the bus stop and missed his
B. Johnson forgot to lubricate his nail gun, so all of his assembly work had to be
C. Johnson was involved in a car accident on the way to work and showed up two
hours late.
D. Johnson doesn't get along well with his supervisor, so he unscrewed the wheels on
his supervisor's chair, which caused the supervisor to fall and get a concussion.

5. Sara claims that her company violated a stipulation in her labor agreement. She's currently
involved in a fair-representation case. In this case, who has the responsibility to
prove that there was an actual violation?
A. Sara's union
B. Sara's employer
C. Sara
D. The government

6. Which of the following would be included in a price list contractual provision?
A. Employees must wear eye protection at all times.
B. Employees will receive two paid 10-minute breaks and one unpaid 30-minute meal
period for every eight-hour shift.
C. An employee should contact the shop steward if he or she wishes to file a
D. An employee will receive an eight-hour suspension without pay if he or she is late
to work three times in any 30-day period.
7. In the small town of Surprise, Arizona, the police department, the fire department, and
city administrative workers decided to strategically band together during negotiations
for their new contracts in hopes that their numbers would help them to get a more
beneficial contract. This strategy is called bargaining.
A. multilateral C. essential service
B. end-run D. sovereignty
8. Fred works in a plant where he serves on a team of employees that consistently meet
with management to receive updates on nearly every aspect of the business. This
information can include the planning of layoffs and changes in technology. The
management of this company is required to work with Fred and his committee on
nearly every change that the company makes. Which country does Fred work in?
A. Canada C. France
B. Cuba D. Germany

9. Chuck is the supervisor of the assembly department at Cunningham Manufacturing.
He's called into a meeting with one of his employees, Eric. The four other people at
this meeting include the plant labor relations specialist, the shop steward, the director
of the Grievance Committee, and the president of the company. Which step of the
grievance procedure is most likely occurring?
A. Step 1
B. Step 2
C. Step 3
D. Step 4

10. Which of the following incidents contains one of the criteria for just-cause discipline?
A. Everybody thinks that Jack is a thief because his brother was caught stealing from
work last year, so when $200 was missing out of the cash register, Jack was
immediately terminated.
B. Even though numerous employees come to work at least 10 minutes late, no one
ever gets in trouble for tardiness. Isabelle has three incidents of lateness this
month and was terminated for tardiness as stipulated by her labor contract.
C. Susan was videotaped taking $50 in change out of the company safe and putting it
in her pocket.
D. After having a perfect attendance record for three years, Hector was terminated for
showing up to work 35 minutes late.

11. Kevin files a grievance because he was asked to perform a duty that wasn't in his labor
contract. Kevin's supervisor doesn't believe that Kevin's situation violates the labor
contract. Kevin's supervisor should
A. accept Kevin's grievance and answer the grievance as stipulated in the grievance
procedures of the labor agreement.
B. refuse to accept Kevin's grievance.
C. refer Kevin directly to the national union representative.
D. assist Kevin in changing his grievance so that it does pertain directly to the labor

12. Due to his repeated poor performance at work, Carl was asked to sign a contract in
lieu of being terminated. The contract outlined strict performance measures that Carl
must meet. This contract is called a/an
A. oral warning.
B. written warning.
C. discharge.
D. last-chance agreement.
13. Luis DeValie spent many years working in the steel mill as a member of the
Steelworkers' Union before he went to law school and became an arbitrator. Luis knows
nearly everything there is to know about the steel industry. What kind of arbitrator
would Luis most likely be if he worked with the steel industry?
A. Ad-hoc arbitrator C. Prehearing arbitrator
B. Mediator-arbitrator D. Permanent arbitrator

14. What set of facts would an arbitrator most likely consider when making a resolution
A. Previous shop activities relating to this matter
B. Activities relating to this matter from shops in a different state
C. Resolution decisions made for companies of similar size
D. Resolutions decisions made 50 years ago

15. The management at Greenly Textiles has always been very lax in its enforcement of its
on-time policy. Many employees will show up to work 10 minutes late and never
receive any reprimand from the management. However, Jeremy has been late to work
three times this month and was terminated for lateness. Jeremy filed a grievance that
was taken all the way to arbitration. What criteria would the arbitrator most likely use
in this case?
A. Intent of the parties
B. Past practice
C. Previous arbitration awards
D. Parole evidence

16. Which of the following statements is true regarding the post-hearing brief?
A. It must be filed by union officials, management officials, and the arbitrator after the
B. It's legally required according to the Supreme Court as evidenced by the
Steelworkers' Trilogy.
C. It's useful in cases that involve evidence that's industry-specific or requires deeper
D. It can be requested only by the losing party in the arbitration hearing.

17. O.S.R. Manufacturing Inc. is a manufacturer, distributor, and installer of kitchen cabinets.
Its manufacturing plant and installation crews are unionized by the Carpenters'
Union, and the distribution employees are unionized by the Teamsters. Which type of
bargaining structure would management most likely prefer?
A. Pattern bargaining
B. Labor-intensive bargaining
C. Centralized bargaining
D. Independent bargaining
18. percent of the labor agreements in the United States provide for a permanent
19. Which of the following is not a component of the arbitrator's decision?
A. A statement of the issue(s)
B. An analysis of the evidence
C. A summary of the union contentions
D. Names of union members' spouses

20. A disciplinary layoff without pay is known as a/an
A. discharge.
B. mitigating circumstance.
C. suspension.
D. oral warning.

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