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whixh one of the followinmg is an exampol of an ortatorio cantata

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whixh one of the followinmg is an exampol of an ortatorio?
cantata no .90
the four seasons
coronaton of poppea
the unique of mendelsson;s overture tro a midsummer night;s dreams sonata form is that the
developmene is minimal
development is exaggerated
lengh is expanded
exposition isn;t repeated
the instrument yhay usually has the leadind role in a piano trio is thecello
which of the following was typically used in the csymphonic finalke in the classical Era
verdi uses three distinct types of melody in La Traviata,Act 1: declamatore, virtuosic, and
twelve tone
lyricathe --- iks an example of a non-picched instrument
vibraphone xylophone
marimba cachiche

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
i am still waiting for the other answers to be answer
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
what happen to ,the other question if they cant be answer please let me know i i will try to seek other help thank u these r not the ones i needed

Hello Diane,


What are the other questions to which you are referring? Are these questions from exam 007667RR?

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
no these r thr frist ones i gave u and u said u could not do them. but i am not getting a respone from anyone it exam number 00766300 AND EXAM 00766400. I AM GOING TO BE OUT OF TOWN UNTIL MONDAY SO ITS NOT A HURRY .BUT I AM GETTING NO RESPONE IF THEY CANT DO IT SOMEONE SHOULD LET ME KNOW.

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