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51.What government agency regulates herbal medications A)

Resolved Question:

What government agency regulates herbal medications?
A) The Food and Drug Administration.
B) The Federeal Trade Commission.
C) The United States Department of Agriculture.
D) No one currently regulates herbal medications.

A benign tumor means that the tumor is
A) not growing.
B) is made up of cells enclosed in a fibrous shell.
C) spreading into surrounding tissue.
D) cancerous.
E) both A and B

A biopsy in a woman who has had breast cancer has shown that the cancer is now in her lymph nodes. The process of malignant cells moving throughout the body is called
A) metastasis.
B) transference.
C) directional malignance.
D) transvergence.

The type of cancer that continues to be the leading cancer killer in both men and women is
A) lung.
B) breast.
C) colon.
D) bladder.
E) prostate.

The medical term for the "thickening" of the arteries caused by fatty deposits, cholesterol, and other substances deposited in the blood vessels is
A) arrhythmia.
B) angina pectoris.
C) myosclerosis.
D) atherosclerosis.

Cancer of the bones, muscles, or connective tissue is classified as a
A) leukemia.
B) sarcoma.
C) lymphoma.
D) carcinoma.
E) melanoma.

Obesity is defined as a BMI greater than
A) 20.
B) 30.
C) 35.
D) 40.

Blood pressure is usually defined as normal when a reading is below
A) 120/80.
B) 130/85.
C) 140/90.
D) 150/95.
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 5 years ago.

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