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One of your firms clients just recently revealed that his

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One of your firm’s clients just recently revealed that his company was $2,900,000 in debt and that his company is not incorporated. He has reluctantly asked if your firm could advise him on the process of bankruptcy.

Your supervisor wants you personally to prepare a tutorial in PowerPoint presentation about bankruptcy. For this assignment, you must submit a PowerPoint Presentation of 7–10 slides with speaker notes in which you explain to the client his options regarding his financial problems.

For full credit, you must address the following in your tutorial:

Define bankruptcy.
Explain whether the client can file Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
Explain whether the client can file Chapter 11 bankruptcy.
Explain whether the client can file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of the client filing bankruptcy.
Discuss how the type of bankruptcy would differ if the client’s company were owned by a partnership.
Give advice on whether or not the client should file bankruptcy. If so, what type of bankruptcy should the client file?

Please let me know the length of time available

With regards
atluri ramesh
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
7-10 power point slide with speaker notes of 150 to 200 words due 7-30-11

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