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This is not a homework question. I need a bit of help understanding

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This is not a homework question. I need a bit of help understanding the school education system . What i want to know is why schools and universities overload students with exams and assessments, knowing that it is quite impractical for students to genuinely learn and remember the work that they are studying. What motivates this behaviour?
Hello, and thank you for using JustAnswer. Your position is actually not a universally held one. Many in education believe the type and number of assessments is perfectly appropriate to gage learning and prepare students for the workplace. Much work is put into designing courses so that the course load, including homework time, and test creation (length, type and complexity) is appropriate for the students' developmental levels.

There is controversy, as you likely know, regarding certain types of standardized assessments, where critics argue that teachers teach to the test and not to the subject, but not that there is too much test-taking or too much homework.

If you want to provide more detail regarding your question, for example, if there is a specific situation or classroom or school you're referring to, I could address that in further detail. However, my experience in education would suggest that the view you give above is a generalization that doesn't reflect the reality of the modern American classroom. Indeed, if you do a bit of research on international education, some Asian countries that surpass us in performance, require much more of their students in terms of homework time and assessments.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Sorry my question was more geared towards higher education and law school institutes. It does appear a bit general now as i read it back to myself. I should have been more specific. The problem which i am seeing is a real one. Im based in the United Kingdom so the education system may vary slightly, but the problem of excessive assessments or the weight being afforded to single assessments is problematic for students, and does indeed have an affect on the actual learning process - with student's focusing on how to write the perfect exam answer, as oppose to learning about the subject at hand. What pressures face these teaching institutions and why is the curriculum structured like this?
Thank you for narrowing down the scope of your question. First, let me say I appreciate your suffering if you are a current law student. The system is not a pleasant or simple one to navigate for most! The short answer to your question, for this particular context, is that the pressures come from industry and inter-academic competition, as well as regulatory bodies. As supply now outpaces demand for attorneys, and the economy worsens (not a direct cause, but a contributing one), firms can afford to be selective. Schools aim to meet their requirements by offering rigorous curricula. Certainly, given the difficulties and responsibilities associated with the practice of law, and that not every aspiring lawyer is suited for the work, law schools also function to weed out many candidates, which is another effect of difficult and heavy course loads. Finally, as the practice of law is one supremely concerned with liability (including personal liability for practicioners), law schools attempt to protect their own by constantly assessing them in order to have proof of their competence.

Now that I have answered your question, I'm curious to know your stake in the answer: as a student, researcher or third-party, I can direct you in different directions to resolve the problem, because the reality is, that for the right candidates, law studies can be manageable and rewarding, which is not to say they are not downright grueling.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hello Angela. Thanks for your answer. Definitely shines light on my issue. I am not a student, but a researcher. I previously studied law and graduated with a good degree, however I found that i myself was one of those students who despite passing, did not remember much about what i had actually studied. It is something that concerns me, and to be honest this is something which i am hearing A LOT when i speak to many postgrads and former students. I am writing up a report and trying to draw opinions from a variety of sources. I greatly appreciate your input here. Is possible to know a bit about your background...i will not at all quote you by name in my report. I just want to have understanding of where you are coming from. In any case thank you for your help.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Hello Angela

Did you receive my last message? Please get back to me if you can

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thank you Angela for getting back to me. I really do appreciate your insight. I also appreciate the ;) lol itmade me laugh. Take care and all the best. If i have any new questions i will be sure to get in contact with you again.