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Can you amswer questions on university level subjects

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Can you amswer questions on university level subjects?
Hello, and thank you for using JustAnswer again. Yes, the vast majority of our work is with university level students and Intercultural Communications is a fairly common subject. Please post your question.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks Angela.I've forgoten my question.
No worries. You can return to this page and post your question any time.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
here's my problem: My intercultural communications teacher is hypoglycemic. This means she often misinterpets my answers to questions. This also means she has trouble understanding what I say. In short she is the the worst teacher I ever had. How can I communicate with her, She is such a vapor brain.
It is your college's responsibility to ensure teachers are competent, and a basic element of competence is being able to comprehend and communicate clearly. If you have concrete evidence that she doesn't reason clearly and isn't an effective teacher, it's important to report that. In the meantime, there are ways to improve communication with your teacher.

1. Put as much in writing as possible: send questions via email if you can, or write them on assignments, or even on quizzes while you're working on them. Many people, professors included, comprehend the written word better than the spoken word, particularly for professional/academic purposes. This also give the teacher additional time to reply.

2. Ask your questions in public if you can't ask them in writing: make sure you have classmates present who can help facilitate the communication and who can vouch for the worth of your question or answer.

3. If a miscommunication begins, take mental or written notes so that you may clarify the miscommunication immediately after your professor finishes speaking. When clarifying, do it in a neutral tone with a humble attitude so as not to incite a defensive or irritated reaction. Say for example: "Thank you professor, I was thinking more along the lines of ______________. Do you think I'm looking at it the right way?"

4. Edit yourself so that as you answer questions, you're doing it as briefly and succinctly as possible: give her less to misinterpret. Most professors only award a few points of their total grade for class participation, so it's likely worth it to just try and stay quiet as much as possible.

While some of these strategies may seem to put the blame on you, please realize that the key here is not to prove that your teacher is wrong or inept, but to protect your grade and make your life in this class as easy as possible.


If you're early in the semester, you may wish to consider switching sections or withdrawing and enrolling in another course.

Best of luck!
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