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((1) Conservatives and liberals tend to share the same ideas

Customer Question

((1) Conservatives and liberals tend to share the same ideas about how to deal with crime. (A) True (B)False (2)Which of the following correctional changes can be attributed to the prisoners' rights movement? (a) Improvement in institutional living conditions and administrative practices of many prisons (b) Review by correctional officials of many of their procedures and organizational structures (C) All of these (d) None of these (3) There is a growing sense that the U.S. penal system: (a) has too many employees. (b)is the best in the world. (c) has grown too much. (d) is a well-oiled machine. (4)According to the text, treatment programs for chronic drug abusers have yielded positive results in the abstinence of drug usage over a long period of time. (a) True (b) False (5)According to your text, situational offenders pose many problems for the correctional system. Which of the following has been identified as a problem with this offender? (a)They will generally repeat the offense in the future (b)Several factors make them extremely difficult to rehabilitate (c) Their crimes are usually less serious than most crimes committed by other offenders (d) They are the most problematic and violent prisoners in the inmate social system (6)With the rise of the medical model, the emphasis in corrections shifted to: (a)treatment of criminals. (b) a classification systems to diagnose offenders. (c) both the treatment of criminals and the classification systems. (d) all of these. (7)Older prisoners are more likely to: (a) break prison rules. (b)prefer solitude. (c) seek gang membership for protection. (d) Both seek gang members and break prison rules (8)Which of the following is not a general kind of criteria used to classify offenders? (a) Offender offense history (b) Previous experience in the criminal justice system (c) Substance abuse patterns (d) All of these are criteria for classifying offenders (9)The conception of the penitentiary was: (a) a place where offenders were isolated from bad influences in society. (b) a place where offenders were isolated from one another. (c) a place where offenders could reflect on their misdeeds. (d) all of these. (10) During the Age of Reason, advances in scientific thinking led to a questioning attitude that emphasized which of the following? (a) Observation (b) Experimentation (c) Technological development (d) All of these (11)Corrections has a(n) __________ relationship with its environment. (a)reciprocal (b)inverse (c) diametrically opposing (d) cross-purposeful (12)The leasing of convicts to private entrepreneurs took hold in the: (a) North. (b)West. (c)South. (d) East. (13)Lex talionis embodies which of the following principles? (a)Punishment should correspond in degree and kind to the offense (b)An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth is legal punishment (c)Punishment needs to be proportionate (d) All of these (14)As warden of newly opened Auburn prison in 1821, __________ developed the congregate system and a regimen of strict discipline. (a)Enoch Cobb Wines (b)Elam Lynds (c)Benjamin Franklin (d) Benjamin Rush (15)Release on parole has had little impact on other parts of the system, such as plea bargaining and sentencing. (a)True (b) False (16)The history of probation can be traced to: (a) recognizance. (b) benefit of clergy in England. (c) judicial reprieve. (d) all of these. 17)A drug that reduces cravings for heroin and spares addicts painful withdrawal symptoms is: (a) cocaine. (b)antabuse. (c)methadone. (d)crank. (18) Most states organize their prisons in a similar fashion. (a) True (b)False (19) A sanction in which an offender is sentenced to incarceration, is released after a short period of confinement, and is then resentenced to probation is known as: (a)split sentence. (b) intermittent incarceration. (c) modification of sentence. (d) shock incarceration and probation. (20)More than __________ adult felons leave state and federal prisons each year. (a) 125,000 (b)375,000 (c)500,000 ( d)650,000 (21)The underlying philosophy of the juvenile court remains much as the original reformers intended. (a) True (b) False (22)Many argue in favor of pretrial diversion. Which of the following is not one of those arguments? (a) Many offenders cannot be effectively dealt with by the formal criminal justice system (b)It is much more humane than traditional criminal justice services (c)It does not promote a long-term "label" on offenders like most criminal justice activities (d) It is much cheaper than criminal justice processing Which of the following is a custody level? Low Medium High All of these
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Expert:  Legalwriter replied 5 years ago.
I will try to get them done for you.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Expert:  Legalwriter replied 5 years ago.
What text is this from? Many of these questions are nearly impossible to answer without the book, so unless I can find access to the book I can't help.

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