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(1) Most sexual offenses do not involve ( a)violence.

Resolved Question:

(1) Most sexual offenses do not involve:
( a)violence.
( b)coercion.
( d)the police.

2)According to your text, situational offenders pose many problems for the correctional system. Which of the following has been identified as a problem with this offender?
(a)They will generally repeat the offense in the future
(b)Several factors make them extremely difficult to rehabilitate
(c)Their crimes are usually less serious than most crimes committed by other offenders
(d) They are the most problematic and violent prisoners in the inmate social system

(3) From 1900 to 1970 U.S. prison populations were relatively stable.

(4) The organization turf of criminal justice agencies is very clear because there is no blurring around the edges regarding the responsibility for different types of actions.
(a) True
(b) False

(5) Because correctional workers work directly with people, they have been referred to as:
(a) professional.
(b)street-level bureaucrats.
(c)having a thankless job.
(d)none of these.

(6) A writ of habeas corpus requests an examination of the __________ of confinement.

(7) As soon as a prisoner goes free his/her punishment is over and done with.
(a) True
(b) False

(8)One of the ways a corrections staff member can insulate themselves against civil lawsuits is to:
(a) keep good records.
(b)get a mentor.
(c)follow institutional procedures.
(d) all of these.

(9) The __________ offender is most likely to be the object of exploitation and practical jokes while incarcerated.
(a) situational
(c)mentally handicapped
(d) alcohol

(10)The concept of deterrence is founded on:
(a) Egalitarianism.
(c) Positivism.
(d) Marxism.

(11) Correctional population growth continued throughout the 1990s, even though crime rates:
(a) skyrocketed.
(b) rose.
(c) fell.

(12) It is estimated that one in six __________ have been to prison.
(a) teenagers
(b)Latino males
(c) African American males
(d) African Americans

(13) For the purpose of deterrence, which principle(s) did Beccaria believe were most important?
(a) Severity
(b) Swiftness
(c) Certainty
(d) Both swiftness and certainty

(14) Not all punishments are visible.
(a) True
(b) False

(15) Best known for his utilitarian theories and often referred to as his "hedonic calculus," Jeremy Bentham was a leading scholar of his time.
(a) True
(b) False

(16) According to community corrections the goal of the criminal justice system is to:
(a) punish the offender.
(b) reintegrate the offender.
(c) focus on the victim.
(d) achieve justice.

(17) Punishment designed to repair damage to both victim and community is:
(a) rehabilitation.
(b) retribution.
(c) reintegration.
(d) restorative justice.

(18) Legal rules, usually set by an agency of the executive branch, designed to implement policies of that agency are called:
(a) statutes.
(b) case laws.
(c) regulations.
(d) precedent.

(19) In the latter part of which century did most western states enter the Union?
(a) 18th
(b) 19th
(c) 17th
(d) 20th

(20) Since the 1970s __________ as a justification for the criminal sanction has aroused new interest.
(a) retribution
(b) rehabilitation
(c) deterrence
(d) incapacitation
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