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1. Which one of the following statements best describes the

Customer Question

1. Which one of the following statements best describes the vic presidents's role in the state?

a. the vice president has no authority in the senate.
b. the vice president serves as the senate majority leader if the president's party has majority in the senate.
c. the vice president serves as the chair of the judiciary committee.
d. the vice predents serves as the president of the senate, but only votes to break a tie between senators.

2. If the presidents want to avoid media attention for signing a veto of a law drafted by congress and the congressional session ends the day after the bill is delivered to him, the president can a/an ...................... to nullify the law.

a. pocket veto
b. executive order
c. administrative veto
d. determination letter

3. If clarity, inc., a pharmaceutical company, wanted to sue another company for manufacturing a line of medications that voilated a patent held by clarity, the lawsuit should filed with:

a. a state trail court
b. a united states district court
c. a united states circuit court
d. the commerce commission

4. Which statement is false? sunshine laws:

a. adopted in many states require government agencies to open their meetings to the public and the press.
b. are not constitutionally mandated.
c. adopted by congress require that most congressional committee meetings be open to the public.
d. require that all judical conference be open public.

5. Which of the following are always considered suspect classifications when the supreme court applies the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment?

a. race and national origin
b. national origin and gender
c. race and gender
d. gender and age
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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