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All of the following are metrics of a successful project EXCEPT Answer

Customer Question

All of the following are metrics of a successful project EXCEPT:

on-time completion.

completion with the same personnel as were on the team at the outset.

completion within budget.

delivery of a quality product that satisfies users.
4 points
Question 2
As part of the annual report for the fiscal year that just ended, Lara is working on a grid that summarizes the major decisions that the small business for which she works made during the year. As part of her review, she is identifying whether a decision was impacted by factors internal to the company or external. Which of the following does NOT appear on Lara's list of external factors?

The economy experienced a period of expansion, requiring the company to respond with a scalable system that could handle the additional volume and growth.

Sales reps requested a more powerful sales analysis report.

The firm's closest competitor launched a new sales incentive with which Lara's firm needed to compete.

Congress instituted an internet sales tax.
4 points
Question 3
A survey is __________, generally takes less time, and can involve a broad cross-section of people.

more flexible than a series of interviews, and it is less expensive

more flexible than a series of interviews, but it is more expensive

not as flexible as a series of interviews, but it is less expensive

not as flexible as a series of interviews, and it is more expensive
4 points
Question 4
__________ chart displays complex task patterns and relationships.

A Gantt

An index


A task
4 points
Question 5
All of the following are possible causes of cost overruns related to human resource factors EXCEPT __________.

motivation issues

inadequate training

inaccurate TCO forecast

4 points
Question 6
Project scheduling involves all of the following EXCEPT:

defining project constraints.

staffing the project team.

arranging for necessary resources.

assigning specific tasks to team members.
4 points
Question 7
Two or more concurrent tasks often depend on a single prior task, which is called __________ task.

a predecessor

an a priori

an antecedent

an ancestor
4 points
Question 8
Sam is the analyst with the responsibility of assessing the economic feasibility of the new system that his team has been hired to develop for Widgets, Inc. Sam's boss has asked for a quick list of the tangible benefits of the new system because the client has expressed some concerns about the project, and she wants to reassure him. Which of the following would NOT be on such a list as developed by Sam?

The new system is more user-friendly, thus increasing employee job satisfaction.

The new scheduling system requires overtime.

The new inventory control feature cuts excess inventory and eliminates production delays.

The new online package tracking feature improves service and decreases the need for clerical staff.
4 points
Question 9
A popular technique for investigating causes and effects is called a __________ diagram, which is an analysis tool that represents the possible causes of a problem as a graphical outline.




4 points
Question 10
When setting priorities for systems requests, the highest priority goes to projects that provide the:

least benefit, at the highest cost, in the longest period of time.

least benefit, at the lowest cost, in the longest period of time.

greatest benefit, at the highest cost, in the shortest period of time.

greatest benefit, at the lowest cost, in the shortest period of time.
4 points
Question 11
Last Chance Securities Situation: The IT director opened the department staff meeting today by saying, “I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is that management approved the payroll system project this morning. The new system will reduce clerical time and errors, improve morale in the payroll department, and avoid possible fines and penalties for noncompliance. The bad news is that the system must be installed by the end of December in order to meet new federal reporting rules, costs must be within the budgeted amount, the new system must interact with existing systems, and the vice president of finance insists on approving the final design.
a. Name the constraints, and indicate whether each is present, future, internal, external, mandatory, or desirable.

b. Explain why it is important to define the payroll project’s scope. Explain how to define project scope.

c. Identify tangible and intangible benefits of the new payroll system.

d. What topics should be included in a report to management at the end of the preliminary investigation?
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