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) When Mollys parents retired, they decided they wanted to

Resolved Question:

) When Molly’s parents retired, they decided they wanted to travel. They found an ideal job that allows them to travel for free, but the only catch is they have to stay at Holiday Inns. During each stay, they test all the amenities offered by the motel and evaluate each. The evaluation forms are sent to the motel headquarters where it becomes part of the motel’s __________ systems.

A. Marketing intelligence
B. Marketing research
C. Experiential research data
D. Accountability information system (AIS)

2) A marketing information system (MIS) consists of ___________.

A. The people, equipment, and procedures to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate, and distribute needed, timely, and accurate information to marketing decision makers.
B. A set of procedures and sources used by managers to obtain everyday information and relevant developments in the marketing environment.
C. The systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific marketing situation.
D. An organized collection of comprehensive data about individual customers, prospects, or suspects that is currently accessible for marketing purposes.

3) The systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data and findings relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company is termed _______________.

A. Top management
B. The sales reporting system
C. Marketing research
D. Marketing intelligence

4) Rita Jenkins, president of the local Chamber of Commerce, had difficulty getting members to assist in running the organization. She felt it was because of lack of commitment to the Chamber. Her vice-president felt it was due to having too many meetings. The organization’s secretary felt it was because there were several other professional organizations to which the members also belonged. If Rita wants to do research to determine the real reason why members do not want to run for office, she should begin by ________________.

A. Holding focus groups of members of other similar organizations to determine whether the problems the Chamber is facing are universal or local.
B. Evaluating the advantages the Chamber officers over other similar organization.
C. Defining the problem
D. Developing the marketing research plan that she would employ

5) All of the following are steps in the marketing research process EXCEPT:

A. Present the findings
B. Collect the information
C. Define the problem and research objectives
D. Compare data to government sources

6) The second step in the marketing research process is ______________.

A. Collection of the available sources for information needed
B. Define the problem and research objectives
C. Development of the research plan
D. Decision regarding the research tools and target group

7) The systematic collection, analysis, and reporting of data and findings relevant to specific marketing situations is called marketing research.

A. True
B. False

8) Small companies can engage in marketing research in a number of creative and affordable ways, including using the Internet or taking advantage of local university students who need business projects.

A. True
B. False

9) Typically, companies budget about 11-12 percent of company sales for marketing research.

A. True
B. False

10) Lowe’s home improvement stores strive to have nicer, more knowledgeable salespeople, a better product selection, and to maintain an impeccable image. These are all part of improving the offer via _____________.

A. Increasing total customer value
B. Reducing the product’s monetary costs to the buyers.
C. Reducing the buyer’s nonmonetary costs
D. Increasing the service value

11) ______________ is the difference between a prospective customer’s evaluation of all the benefits and costs of an offering and the perceived alternatives.

A. Customer relationship management
B. Customer perceived value
C. Total customer cost
D. Customer delivered value

12) Which of the following is NOT a component part of total customer value?

A. Image value
B. Services value
C. Product value
D. Psychic value

13) Each of the following is considered consumer behavior EXCEPT:

A. Acceptance of a political idea
B. Production of a concert
C. Selection of a product
D. Use of public transit

14) A(n) ________________ is likely to offer informal advice and information about a product or product category.

A. Diversity marketing program
B. Aspirational reference group
C. Primary reference group
D. Opinion leader

15) Within the United States, Southerners, Mormons, and Native Americans are examples of:

A. Cultures
B. Subcultures
C. Social classes
D. Psychologically defined groups

16) The institutional market is best described as having _____________.

A. Derived demand, geographically concentrated suppliers, and budgetary constraints.
B. Demand elasticity and geographically concentrated suppliers
C. Low budgets and a captive clientele
D. Contract negotiations and fluctuati
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