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Chris M- English multiple choice

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            A work's atmosphere or "feel" is called its





            In ancient cultures, epics were at first

                        told only by the king to his sons.

                        written down so that their form would not change.

                        passed down orally from one generation to the next.

                        memorized by all the people of that culture.

            In addition to entertaining the reader, folk tales and fairy tales, like other stories that are part of oral tradition, often

                        teach something to the reader.

                        present the reader with a mystery.

                        persuade the reader to take action.

                        provide scientific information.

            In After the Deluge, how is the end of the influential man's life ironic?

                        He escapes the lynch mobs.

                        He realizes his dream of becoming a farmer.

                        He ends his life powerless and impoverished.

                        He has to flee with his wealth to another nation.

            Name the figure of speech in these lines from Black Cat: "A ghost, though invisible, still is like a place / your sight can knock on . . . "





            In Borges and I, the narrator and "the other man" are

                        a real self and a dream self.


                        reflections of each other.

                        the same person.

            Which of the following statements about satire is false?

                        Satire rarely involves humor.

                        Writers use satire to help inspire social reform.

                        Satire is writing that ridicules vice or folly.

                        Satire often includes exaggeration.

            Which of the following statements is NOT true of an anecdote used in didactic literature?

                        An anecdote applies only to people of a single culture.

                        An anecdote often has a broader meaning than is first apparent.

                        The reader does not usually need prior knowledge to understand an anecdote.

                        The anecdote is left for the reader to figure out, without the author's interpretation.

            Types of figurative language include

                        mood and satire.

                        imagery and repetition.

                        flashback and foreshadowing.

                        metaphor and personification.

            The Roman conquest of northern Africa led to what change in Aksum culture?

                        The Romans introduced Christianity.

                        The Romans enslaved the people of Aksum.

                        The Romans closed established trade routes.

                        The Romans replaced the native language with Latin.

            Which of the following statements is true of the main character in Sundiata?

                        He does not like his mother.

                        He uses a tree branch as a crutch.

                        He learns to walk at an early age.

                        He is the son of King Maghan Kon Fatta.

            In a literary work, a moment of sudden insight or revelation that a character experiences is called

                        point of view.




            Which of the following is the best example of an external conflict?

                        Hauchecorne being accused of stealing Houlbreque's wallet in The Piece of String

                        Pushkin's feelings as described in I Have Visited Again

                        Ivan Dimitrievitch's wife's fearful dream in The Long Exile

                        none of the above

            How can a fool be "thirsty in the midst of water," as an Ethiopian proverb says?

                        The fool is not really thirsty.

                        The fool would rather be thirsty than drink water.

                        The fool does not like water.

                        The fool ignores the water all around him.

            Which of the following statements is true of allegory?

                        An allegory is always told from the main character's point of view.

                        An allegory can be interpreted literally and symbolically.

                        An allegory rarely follows traditional narrative structure.

                        An allegory leaves the reader in suspense about the outcome.

            Romanticism began as a revolt against

                        imaginative and emotional thinking.

                        the ideals of the eighteenth century.

                        the custom of arranged marriage.

                        a lack of educational opportunities.

            All of the following are true about the setting of a literary work EXCEPT it

                        can be revealed through specific details and imagery.

                        is not related to the theme.

                        is the time and place of a story.

                        helps to create the mood of a story.

            Poetry that has no defined meter and no specific rhyme scheme is known as a


                        free verse poem.


                        blank verse poem.

            Which of the following best summarizes the theme of The Jay?

                        It's important for family to stick together.

                        Women should be subject to their male family members no matter what.

                        Power is only obtained through anger.

                        The relationship between a mother and daughter is less important than between a son and a father.

            Don Quixote needs four days to think of a name for his horse because

                        he must search through his books to find a suitable name.

                        other knights have already used all the best names for their horses.

                        without a noble name, the horse cannot carry him to fame.

                        books of chivalry taught him to consider a name for four full days.

            What can you infer about Cervantes' opinion of his character Don Quixote?

                        Cervantes is disgusted by him.

                        Cervantes is amused by him.

                        Cervantes is annoyed by him.

                        Cervantes is inspired by him.

            In Faust, the Lord characterizes Faust as a

                        weak man who is afraid of death.

                        lost soul who will never reach Heaven.

                        good man who knows the right path.

                        kind teacher who cares about his students.

            In Faust, why does Faust make a pact with Mephistopheles?

                        He wants to attain limitless knowledge.

                        He doesn't understand the risks to his life.

                        He intends to show that he is superior to others.

                        He has tried to live a good life and now wants to live an evil life.

            A static character

                        changes throughout the story.

                        is a hero.

                        does not change.

                        learns an important lesson from his experiences.

            Dante's guide in the Inferno is an extended metaphor that represents

                        human reason.

                        human vanity.

                        human strength.

                        human sinfulness.

            Dante designs his Inferno based on the general idea that

                        murder is the worst possible sin.

                        reason will not keep sinners from Hell.

                        punishment should match the sin committed.

                        people need a wise guide to help them avoid sin.

            In To Hélène, the speaker says that when the listener is very old, she will

                        think fondly XXXXX XXXXX speaker and remember the times they shared.

                        sing the speaker's songs and regret having been foolish.

                        gather her loved ones around her, so that she will not be lonely.

                        be admired by everyone because of the words of the poem.

            Which of the following African proverbs advises people to be cautious?

                        "Time destroys all things."

                        "Rain does not fall on one roof alone."

                        "Restless feet may walk into a snake pit."

                        "The fool is thirsty in the midst of water."

            Which statement best reflects Saadi's meaning in Learning?

                        When students learn, they eventually challenge their teachers.

                        When students learn the art of archery, they gain wisdom.

                        Teachers should not set goals for their students.

                        Teachers often learn from their students.

            The line "Death's black wing scrapes the air, / Misery gnaws to the bone," from "Everything Is Plundered . . .", is an example of

                        an analogy.



                        a moral.

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