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36. Marketers need to include blogs in the marketing plans

Resolved Question:

Great Tip for quick Answers! I am working on a test and have 55 minutes left:

36. Marketers need to include blogs in the marketing plans because: A) they are important media vehicles for advertising. B) everyone else is doing it. C) blogs are important ways for customer to "vent" but they have little use in product planning or other parts of the mix. D) they can gain important feedback on products and product uses. E) only younger Internet users blog, but these are an important audience. 37. Recent advances in technology allowing manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to track production, distribution, and sales to assist a firm's ability to: A) increase value to the consumer through media effectiveness promotion. B) tailor their marketing message. C) meet inventory needs. D) communicate with consumers through PDAs. E) replace services with products. 38. Baby Boomers popularized on personal fitness, but as they age, they are becoming more and more interested in products that address other areas of concern. Which of the following is NOT one of these potential interests? A) Computer programs that claim to rejuvenate the mind through problem-solving exercise. B) Financial innovations that address the failure to save enough money to last through retirement. C) New music that is far less energetic than rock n' roll. D) Products that will help maintain mental acuity. E) All of the above. 39. A survey of marketing officers reported the most frequently observed unethical behavior was false or misleading advertising. A) True B) False 40. Janice was shocked to learn that the real estate company she just went to work for did not have a _________________, the basic starting point for creating a strong ethical climate. A) ethical retreat seminar B) set of values C) contract D) social commitment E) business ethics bonus 41. Jacqueline was pleased to read a paraphrasing of the "Golden Rule," "Do unto our customers as you would have them do unto you." as part of her new employer's mission statement. Next, Jacqueline expects to find in the firm's employee handbook: A) a summary of recent Supreme Court business ethics cases. B) implicit understandings to guide her in decision-making. C) explicit rules governing the firm's transactions. D) statements of employee concerns. E) all of the above 42. In making decisions managers are often faced with the dilemma between doing what is beneficial for them and possibly the firm in the short run, and doing what is right and beneficial for the firm and society in the long run. To address this conflict, a firm's: A) quarterly profit statement needs to be ethically evaluated. B) long-term goals must be stated in general terms so as to not interfere with individual's short-term goals. C) think about society ahead of the needs of the company. D) long-term goals must be aligned with the short-term goals of each individual within the firm. E) all of the above 43. Ironically, while the leaders of Enron Corporation were manipulating the company's finances for their personal benefit, the company was a major donor to Houston area charities. Enron had ethically-challenged business practices but was also: A) practicing marketing ethics. B) manipulating the company's botXXXXX XXXXXne through charitable donations. C) creating a local ethical business climate. D) contributing to corporate social responsibility. E) all of the above 44. Garrett has just purchased a beer distributorship. He wants to increase the visibility of his firm in local markets but knows there are a number of regulations and socially accepted practices associated with promoting alcoholic beverages. According to the framework for ethical decision making, the first thing Garrett will do is: A) identify issues. B) promote the firm's corporate social responsibility efforts. C) gather information and identify stakeholders. D) brainstorm and evaluate alternatives. E) choose a course of action. 45. A new law in South Carolina makes it illegal for people under the age of 18 to smoke cigarettes. Previously, the law banned sales to anyone under age 18 but not smoking. Which of the following types of companies would most likely have to incorporate this change into their ethical decision-making? A) restaurants. B) convenience stores. C) supermarkets. D) bars. E) all of the above 46. What is consistent about all the ethical scenarios at the end of chapter three is: A) they all involve men. B) there is no one right answer. C) each situation could have been avoided. D) lack of government regulation was a major cause of each ethical issue. E) good marketing could have maximized the potential profit per customer in each scenario. 47. One of the criticisms of corporate social responsibility is the difficulty of demonstrating: A) revenue savings to the company. B) tangible benefits to the company C) virtual perceptions among the company's consumers. D) the benefits to government from compliance with social responsibility regulati
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Bizhelp replied 6 years ago.

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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Frazier knows he is out of milk and bread and will have to decide what is for dinner. He knows he will need to stop at the store on the way home. Frazier will likely engage in limited problem solving.
A) True
B) False

Marketers often use principles and theories from sociology and psychology to better understand consumers' actions and:
A) develop basic strategies for dealing with their behavior.
B) contribute to the theoretical knowledge in each discipline.
C) avoiding cultural reference group problems.
D) minimizing the psychological benefit to consumers.
E) satisfying ritual consumption needs while avoiding misperception learning.
Expert:  Bizhelp replied 6 years ago.
I think I answered these in your other posts but here are the answers again:

49. A) True
50. A) develop basic strategies for dealing with their behavior.

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