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chris m - english multiple choice questions

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                In After the Deluge, the poet imagines the man living in a village where "Water is a god / That doles its favors by the drop." This image contrasts ironically to the man's

                                Persian rugs.

                                contributions to worthy causes.

                                heart-shaped swimming pool.

                                sophisticated security system.

                The astrologer in An Astrologer's Day does not have a lamp of his own because he

                                cannot afford a lamp.

                                has a fire that gives off enough light.

                                does not want customers to see his face.

                                prefers the mood set by shadows and half-light.

                In An Astrologer's Day, what is ironic about the stranger asking if he will succeed in his "present search"?

                                He knows that he is facing the man that he seeks.

                                He doesn't realize that success is impossible.

                                He doesn't know that the astrologer is a fraud.

                                He has already succeeded, although he doesn't know it.

                Lines 14-16 of Black Cat say "you see yourself, tiny, . . . like a prehistoric fly." Which word in these lines tells you that they contain a simile?





                In Borges and I, who is the narrator representing in the following statement: "My taste runs to hourglasses, maps, seventeenth-century typefaces"?

                                the private Borges

                                the public Borges

                                an impartial observer

                                a close friend of the author

                A dynamic character is best described as a character who

                                symbolizes a moral concept in an allegory.

                                serves as a pattern or model for other characters.

                                remains true to his or her beliefs throughout a story.

                                changes in an important way as a result of a story's events.

                Free verse is poetry that

                                relies on rhyme to give it structure.

                                requires stanzas of different length.

                                does not have a regular meter and rhyme scheme.

                                does not rhyme but follows a strict metrical pattern.

                An example of an allusion is a

                                writer's reference to Greek mythology.

                                writer's vivid description of thunder.

                                character's struggle between opposing desires.

                                character's realization about the purpose of life.

                The main conflict in Dead Men's Path is between

                                the priest and the villagers.

                                old people and young people.

                                wealthy rulers and poor people.

                                modern ideas and old traditions.

                The imagery in Before spring there are days like these creates a mood that is

                                vibrant and joyful.

                                bleak and depressing.

                                angry and bitter.

                                outrageous and silly.

                Throughout the memoir Night, Wiesel's main focus is on the

                                actions that the Germans take against the prisoners.

                                prisoners themselves and their struggle to survive.

                                outsiders who observe how the Germans treat the prisoners.

                                civilians who enjoy watching the prisoners suffer.

                Which of the following excerpts from Night is objective rather than subjective?

                                "The night was long and never ending."

                                "We all threw blankets over our shoulders, like prayer shawls."

                                "Twenty bodies were thrown out of our wagon."

                                "Wild beasts of prey, with animal hatred in their eyes."

                The imagery in the phrase "the trumpeting of molten elements" appeals to the reader's sense of

                                taste and sight.

                                sight and smell.

                                smell and hearing.

                                hearing and sight.

                Which 20th-century event most likely influenced Szymborska's use of irony in In Praise of Feeling Bad About Yourself?

                                World War II

                                the assassination of John F. Kennedy

                                the fall of the Berlin Wall

                                the 1929 stock market crash

                In Life is Sweet at Kumansenu, why does Bola toss the kola nuts on her husband's grave?


                                If the kola nuts sprout in the grave, the kola tree will provide nuts for the entire village.

                                If the kola nuts fall with all four faces up or down, this means her husband is listening.

                                If the kola nuts bounce off the grave, this means the family will have more children.

                                She is cursing her husband for dying by throwing the kola nuts on his grave.

                What detail of the setting in Quang Binh best conveys the speaker's love for her homeland?

                                "Dong Hoi citadel stood in silence"

                                "the sXXXXX XXXXX that had no trees for cover"

                                "the enemy guns firing / on the Southern banks"

                                "That purple blue sky, our eyes could never see enough of it."

                Which of the following situations in The Censors is ironic?

                                Juan becomes a "victim of his devotion to his work."

                                Juan reports a coworker for planning a strike.

                                Juan is transferred to Section B.

                                Juan is "shocked by the subtle . . . ways" in which people pass messages.

                According to Camus, what makes Sisyphus a universally tragic figure?

                                Sisyphus' torment will never end.

                                Sisyphus is conscious.

                                There is no meaning in what Sisyphus does.

                                Sisyphus has not learned from his mistakes.

                The people in The Norwegian Rat are worried about rats, but the meaning of the animals is ambiguous. Given the details of the story, the rats most likely stand for

                                any fearful person.

                                any unrealized threat.

                                anything that chews holes.

                                anything that steals your food.

                Which question provides the epiphany for the man with the dead son in War?


                                "Don't you see how my case would be worse than yours?"

                                "Then . . . is your son really dead?"

                                "What difference can it make?"

                                "Is there any one of us here who wouldn't gladly take his son's place at the front if he could?"

                All of the following are figures of speech EXCEPT





                What figure of speech is contained in these lines, "Wind sings in its whirling, / water murmurs going by," from Wind, Water, Stone?





                Kawabata's use of the bird in the garden in his story The Jay is an example of

                                cultural conflict.


                                literature of protest.


                In Love Must Not Be Forgotten, the author allows the reader to know her mother through




                                her magazine articles.

                The theme of the short story Ocean of Words is the

                                pursuit of knowledge and learning.

                                benefits of having powerful friends.

                                advisability of cooperating with those in authority.

                                destructive influence of Communism.

                The attitudes of the young married couple in The Train from Rhodesia allow the reader to

                                realize the difference in their ages.

                                compare and contrast different points of view about the culture.

                                understand the problems of apartheid.

                                compare the woman's dishonest attitude with her husband's sense of justice.

                The poem Requiem can be considered ironic because

                                it deals with the Cultural Revolution.

                                the author was in Tiananmen Square when the event happened.

                                the poem immortalizes people the Chinese government hoped to erase from public view.

                                the author is now an official in the Chinese government.


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