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If you examined a sample of sea water under a microscope you

Resolved Question:

If you examined a sample of sea water under a microscope you might observe tiny “shelled” organisms often used to add luster to fingernail polish or paint. What group would you be observing? a) Red Algae. b) Foraminifera. c) Dinoflagellates. d) Diatoms. e) Sporozoans. -------------------------------- If a DNA strand with the base sequence CAGCAT were to unzip and be replicated, what would be the base sequence of its OLD complementary strand and its NEW complementary strand? a) Old = CAGCAT, new = GTCGTA b) Old = GTCGTA, new = GTCGTA c) Old = TAGCAT, new = TAGCAT d) Old = ATGCTG, new = ATGCTG e) Old = CAGCAT, new = ATGCTG -------------------------------------------- Maryanne was studying an ecosystem containing fungi, grass, and deer. How would she classify fungi, grass, and deer? a) Producers, consumers, decomposers. b) Consumers, decomposers, producers. c) Decomposers, producers, consumers. d) Consumers, producers, decomposers. e) Producers, decomposers, consumers ------------------------------------------------- In the classification of living things, which list shows categories sequenced from least inclusive to most inclusive? a) Genus, species, phylum, kingdom, domain. b) Genus, species, phylum, domain kingdom. c) Species, genus, phylum, kingdom, domain. d) Species, genus. domain, kingdom, phylum. e) Species, genus, kingdom, domain, phylum. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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