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Angel is a biologist studying a lake ecosystem in which leaf-eating

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Angel is a biologist studying a lake ecosystem in which leaf-eating insects are consumed by fish, which are consumed by snakes, which are consumed by hawks. In this example, how would you classify a fish?

a) Producer.

b) Decomposer.

c) Primary consumer.

d) Secondary consumer.

e) Tertiary consumer
June is developing new strains of horticultural plants, and she wants to check the chromosome numbers of her specimens. What would be the chromosome composition of the petal, pollen, and megaspore?

a) Diploid, haploid, haploid.

b) Diploid, haploid, diploid.

c) Haploid, diploid, haploid.

d) Haploid, haploid, diploid.

e) Diploid, diploid, triploid.
Which statement best explains why it is possible to spread cancer the same as an infectious disease?

a) Cancer cells reproduce like a virus

b) Cancer cells are highly infectious

c) Certain viruses cause cancer

d) Viruses make cancer infectious

e) hint: "e" is NOT the answer

Noah is a technician assigned to photograph chromosomes. At what stage of the cell cycle are the chromosomes sufficiently condensed that they FIRST become visible under the light microscope?

a) Anaphase.

b) Telophase.

c) Interphase.

d) Prophase.

e) Metaphase

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