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The common mushroom found in foods produces sexual spores in

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The common mushroom found in foods produces sexual spores in structures with the following name:

a) Basidia

b) Zygotes

c) Conidia

d) Asci

e) Portobello

Fredrica examined a specimen of a new plant species and noticed that it had very few guard cells. What might this suggest?

a) The plant was adapted to living under very wet conditions.

b) The plant was not prone to insect attack.

c) The plant would be lacking in companion cells.

d) The plant would not require companion cells but may have them.

e) The plant was adapted to drought conditions
DNA is in the form of a ladder with rungs of equal length, although the rungs may vary in composition. What accounts for the equality of length?

a) All rungs are attached to a phosphate.

b) All rungs contain either pyrimidines or purines, which are equal in size.

c) All rungs contain a small ribose and a large deoxyribose.

d) All rungs contain a small pyrimidine and a large purine.

e) All rungs are twisted into a helix.
Which statement is true of viruses?

a) They all lack DNA

b) They are obligate parasites

c) They have a complex cytoplasm

d) They have a cell wall like prokaryotes

e) none of the above


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