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Ethan found a large old stump in the forest and was able to

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Ethan found a large old stump in the forest and was able to determine the age of the tree. What might he have examined?

a) Vascular cambium.

b) Cork cambium.

c) Secondary xylem.

d) Secondary phloem.

e) Pith.

Which of these cells contains the full complement of hereditary material for its species?

a) egg

b) sperm

c) somatic cell

d) muscle cell

e) two of the above

Which of the following statements is not true of lichens?

a) They are considered an example of mutualism

b) They are able to invade the harshest habitats

c) It is a symbiotic relationship between an algae and a fungus

d) They exclusively reproduce by sexual reproduction

e) two of the above

Which of the following is not a role of normal microbiota?

a) They thwart pathogenic bacteria

b) They secrete substances that destroy cells

c) They prevent overgrowth of yeast

d) They produce nutrients such as vitamin K

All the genetic information in one complete set of hereditary material is the:

a) chromatin

b) chromatids

c) genome

d) genotype

e) phenotype

Which of these is not a difference between plant and animal cells?

a) Plant cells have a rigid cell wall outside the plasma membrane.

b) Plant cells lack vacuoles.

c) Animal cells have no chloroplasts.

d) Animal cells have only a plasma membrane surrounding the cell.

e) none of the above

Abigail is a technician extracting DNA for analysis. In which of the following would she expect to find only a haploid number of chromosomes?

a) Zygote.

b) Spore.

c) Sporophyte.

d) Kidney cell.

e) Skin cell.
When the heights of ten plants are added together and this total is divided by the number of plants (10), the result is the:

a) percentage

b) mean

c) mode

d) standard deviation

e) a bell curve

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