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1. Historically, psychology has been a discipline of research a. qualitative b. experi

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1. Historically, psychology has been a discipline of research
a. qualitative
b. experimental
c. non-experimental
d. survey

2. Qualitative research is classified as research.
a. survey
b. experimental
c. non-experimental
d. ex post facto

3. Qualitative research began in which of the following disciplines?
a. psychology
b. sociology
c. anthropology
d. Both (b) and (c) are correct.
e. all of the above

4 Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of qualitative research?
a. It examines the basic parts or elements of a social situation instead of the whole
b. It uses words instead of statistics.
c. Tt is conducted in a natural setting.
d. All of jhe above are characteristics of qualitative research.

5 Which of the following is a characteristic of qualitative research9
a. It is more likely to examine animal interactions than human interactions.
b. It is uses statistics to summarize findings
c. It begins with an experimental hypothesis and tests that hypothesis.
d. It develops a holistic portrayal of the problem.

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