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6. Probably the most lasting contribution of Napoleons rule

Customer Question

6.   Probably the most lasting contribution of Napoleon's rule was
A. his legal code.
B. redrawing the map of Europe.
C. his understanding of the role of the military.
D. abolishing the aristocracy and subordinating the church to the state.

7.   What was a key discovery during the early sixteenth century that made regular trade possible across the Atlantic Ocean?
A. Longitude
B. The Gulf Stream
C. Monsoonal winds
D. Square sails

8.   The major contribution of the French philosopher Rene Descartes was in the realm of
A. epistemology.
B. astronomy.
C. chemistry.
D. physics.

9.   Although Chinese emperors were theoretically unlimited in their authority, during the reign of the emperor Zhengde his administration
A. deposed him.
B. insisted that he go on a military campaign.
C. went on strike.
D. joined a violent rebellion against him.

10.   The Manchu imposed their own culture on the Chinese after the establishment of the Qing dynasty in 1644 by making
A. all Chinese dress in the Manchu fashion.
B. their language the official language of China.
C. the Chinese shave their hair.
D. Manchu culture predominant throughout China.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Kathy replied 6 years ago.

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