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Draft a one to two page outline of a test plan for measuring

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Draft a one to two page outline of a test plan for measuring the minimum arming distance Critical Technical Parameter (CTP) for the SRAW. This should be a DT&E test plan for evaluating the capability of the SRAW to arm itself a minimum safe distance from the Marine that fires it. Follow the guidance on the next page. The SRAW CDD and TEMP can assist you in identifying the proper criteria for this effort and provide other useful information. Design this test for the top attack warhead configuration you have seen in previous lessons. You can access these documents via the References button.
Your SRAW test plan outline must cover the following seven areas:
• Test Objective,
• Test Scenarios/Set-up,
• Success Criteria,
• Test Article Configuration,
• Test Article/Target Requirements,
• Confidence Levels, and
• Test Limitations
The next screen will give you details about specific questions that need to be answered in each area to help focus your response.
Good Luck!
SRAW Outline Test Plan Criteria
Your SRAW Test Plan must have the following seven subject area headings. Within them, make sure you address the following:
• Test Objective: What is the purpose for conducting this test?
• Test Scenarios/Set-up: Describe in general terms, how the test will be run to measure proper functioning of the SRAW CTP.
• Success Criteria: What defines a successful test? A failed test? Hint: Consider success/failure from an individual test and an overall test series perspective. Define all three conditions: event success and failure, successful test series.
• Test Article Configuration: Describe the test article. Is it full up round? Components? Inert or Live? What type (if any) instrumentation should the test article have?
• Test Article and Target Requirements: How many test articles does the program manager need to buy for your test plan? How many targets do you need? What kind of targets? Hint: Justify your test article requirements using the confidence levels in the next section.
• Confidence Levels: What confidence level and reliability would you use in setting up this test? How many failures should you assume? What probability distribution did you use (binomial, exponential, etc.)? Hint: Review the trusty nomograph in lesson 11 and the References.
• Test Limitations: Is there anything that restricts or prevents you from accomplishing the test objective from the perspective of a production representative SRAW? In other words, can the program manager apply these test results to the production SRAW?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
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