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What the customer profile should include in the analysis of a market?

Customer Question

11. In the analysis of a market, the customer profile should include a (Points: 4)
description of consumer weaknesses. 
summary of production plans. 
a detailed discussion of major customer benefits provided by the product and/or service. 
a profile of major markets not targeted.

12. The most detailed and scrutinized section of a formal marketing plan is the (Points: 4)
competitor analysis. 
marketing strategy. 
market analysis. 
consumer analysis.

13. The initial step in the marketing research process is to (Points: 4)
select a data collection method. 
identify consumer/business segments of interest. 
identify informational needs. 
conduct a preliminary information search.

14. Public and university libraries contain a wealth of information in the form of ____ data. (Points: 4)

15. In order to be appropriately considered a market, a group of customers or potential customers must have (Points: 4)
purchasing power. 
market power. 
satisfied needs. 
correlated needs.

16. Which of the following legal forms of an organization allows owners to contribute no capital but still play a part in managing the business and share in its profits? (Points: 4)
S corporation 
C Corporation 
Sole proprietorship

17. A corporation (Points: 4)
is chartered under state laws. 
is chartered under federal laws. 
remains in existence as long as its owners are alive. 
shifts liability of its debts to its owners.

18. Lauren Hassell, a partner in Jales & Jales Bonding Company, manages its day-to-day operations. She is considered to be a ____ partner. (Points: 4)

19. Customer accessibility is the most critical factor in evaluating a specific site for a (Points: 4)
clothing manufacturer. 
software development company.

20. In the B2B model, the customers can best be described as (Points: 4)
auction participants.

21. A new business might best begin (Points: 4)
in a foreign country. 
in a business incubator. 
in the classroom setting. 
at the start of a tax year.

22. Harry Hardwick is starting a job-order machine shop and is buying such used equipment as lathes, planning mills, and drill presses. The equipment he plans to use is (Points: 4)
special-purpose equipment. 
automated equipment. 
general-purpose equipment. 
product-layout equipment.

23. Operating a home-based business successfully requires that the owner (Points: 4)
change locations when the business is over one year old. 
make a cost analysis that clearly divides costs between the business and the home. 
establish spatial and nonspatial boundaries between the business and the home. 
keep the baby at home while working.

24. A two year-old asset has a depreciable life of 10 years. Its initial purchase cost was $450,000 and it is depreciated by 10 percent annually. What is the remaining depreciable value of the asset? (Points: 4)
$ 0.00 

25. The amount of the business owners' initial investment, owners' later investment in the business, and retained earnings comprise. (Points: 4)
debt capital. 
accrued expenses. 
owners' long-term debt. 
owners' equity capital.

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