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1) A marketing firm launched a major advertising campaign to

Resolved Question:

Hello, I need some help with the below marketing research questions


1) A marketing firm launched a major advertising campaign to position their brand as superior to its competitors. After the campaign had run for six months, the marketing team wanted to use marketing research to determine if they had achieved their objective. Which of the functions of marketing research is carried out by the firm?

a. Development of marketing actions

b. Identification of marketing problems

c. Refinement of marketing actions

d. Evaluation of marketing actions


2) A marketing manager wants to do a market study before launching a new product. The research study will take three months to complete. Just two weeks before starting the study, she learns that the competitor is about to lunch a product that will compete directly against her company’s new product. Given this new development, she decides to cancel the research study and launch the product immediately. The reason for not conducting the study is:

a. the problem can be resolved using existing information

b. the problem is not of strategic or tactical importance

c. adequate information is available in the company’s internal records to resolve the problem

d. time constraints associated with the problem make it impossible to conduct the study


3) Nancy was told by her research manager that people preferred red colored toasters over blue colored ones. When Nancy asked for the ratio of red vs. blue preferences subjects, she was told that the inference could not be drawn from the data collected. This problem is an illustration of:

a. budget information

b. task difficulty

c. data generalizability

d. data precision


 4) Which of the following measures of dispersion is/are appropriate for all the different types of scales (normal, ordinal, etc)?

a. Frequency distribution

b. Range

c. Standard deviation

d. Mean


5) The most widely used application on the internet is:

a. the WWW

 b. telnet

c. news groups

d. e-mail


6) There are two main types of commerce on the internet. They are:

a. business-to-consumer and government

b. international and intrastate

c. Government and Fortune 500 companies

d. Business-to-consumer and business-to-business


7) According to a recent Jupiter survey of user perceptions, the majority of residents with household internet access in Britain, France and Germany report their inderstanding of the internet to be:

a. good

b. total and complete

c. moderate

d. limited, poor or nonexistent

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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