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1. (TCO 9) A goal to reduce the time required to fulfill a

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1. (TCO 9) A goal to reduce the time required to fulfill a customer’s order addresses the dimension of _____ (Points: 2)
cycle time.

2. (TCO 9) The employees of a manufacturing company who bill customers are involved in _________ for this manufacturing company. (Points: 2)
a value creation process
a support process
an outsourced process
a supplier process

3. (TCO 9) What type of process drives the creation of products and services, is critical to customer satisfaction, and has a large impact on an organization’s strategic goals? (Points: 2)
A value-creation process
A support process
An outsourced process
A supplier process

4. (TCO 9) In the context of process management, _____ is the activity of ensuring conformance to the requirements and taking corrective action, when necessary, to correct problems and maintain stable performance, whereas _____ implies enhancing performance. (Points: 2)
performance, innovation
control, improvement
inspection, anticipation
standardization, customization

5. (TCO 9) Which of the following terms best describes kaizen? (Points: 2)
Concurrent engineering
Continuous improvement
Statistical process control

6. (TCO 10) Which of the following is not a benefit derived from good data and information management? (Points: 2)
Workers obtain concrete feedback on their performance.
Operational costs are lowered due to better planning and improvement actions.
Large quantities of data-laden reports are generated.
Indicators provide effective measurement of customer service levels.

7. (TCO 10) Companies that recognize the importance of reliable and appropriate data and information practice all of the following activities except _____. (Points: 2)
developing a comprehensive set of performance indicators
continually refining information sources and their uses
ensuring that hardware and software systems are user friendly
having quality control departments perform the collection and analysis of data

8. (TCO 10) Perceived value is an example of a _____. (Points: 2)
customer-focused measure
service measure
market measure
social responsibility measure

9. (TCO 10) Operational improvement is an example of a(n) _____. (Points: 2)
customer-focused measure
organizational effectiveness measure
governance measure
social responsibility measure

10. (TCO 10) In services, a measure of quality analogous to defects per unit is _____ (Points: 2)
errors per unit.
errors per opportunity.
defects per transaction.
defects per opportunity.

11. (TCO 9) Match the following.

(Points: 10)


Answer Potential Matches:
: Process improvment 1: Discontinuous change
2: Important to be competitive
3: Flexiblity and short cycles times
4: Continuous improvement philsophy
5: The time it takes to complete one cycle of an activity

: Kaizen
: Cycle time
: Agility
: Breakthrough improvement

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