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1. Consuming five or more drinks on one occasion is known

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1. Consuming five or more drinks on one occasion is known as

A. binge drinking.
B. social drinking.
C. alcoholism.
D. ritual drinking.

2. Excess supplemental zinc can cause imbalances of

A. selenium and fluoride.
B. barium and cadmium.
C. copper and iron.
D. manganese and molybdenum.

3. The most prevalent disease associated with poor bone health is

A. fluorosis.
B. osteopathy.
C. arthritis.
D. osteoporosis.

4. Sulfur is found in

A. fatty acids.
B. proteins.
C. carbohydrates.
D. vitamins.

5. Which of the following is a member of a large bone-making and bone maintenance team?

A. Vitamin L
B. Vitamin E
C. Vitamin D
D. Vitamin B12

6. Joe suffers from elevated cholesterol and decided to take a product from the health food store to reduce it. After ingestion, he had flushed skin. The product contained too much

A. vitamin E.
B. zinc.
C. niacin.
D. vitamin C.

7. The bubbles in sparkling water are caused by

A. carbon dioxide.
B. the manufacturer.
C. toxins.
D. nitrogen.

8. A deficiency in riboflavin is called

A. pellagra.
B. ariboflavinosis.
C. ribaflavinoid.
D. beriberi.

9. The mineral critical to the good health of the thyroid gland is

A. iron.
B. copper.
C. zinc.
D. iodine.

10. Riboflavin is a member of the _______ family.

A. vitamin B
B. vitamin C
C. vitamin D
D. water

11. Phosphorus is critical in

A. intestinal restriction.
B. energy exchange.
C. kidney transplantation.
D. fatty tissue extraction.

12. Dangerously low sodium in the blood is called

A. anemia.
B. hypotension.
C. hypertension.
D. hyponatremia.

13. Which of the following persons is most likely to be deficient in Vitamin K?

A. Adolescent with an eating disorder
B. Newborn infant
C. Elderly person
D. Athlete

14. Which of the following is a health benefit of moderate alcohol consumption?

A. Reduced risk of cancer
B. Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease
C. Enhanced reflexes
D. Improved judgment

15. Dark urine typically indicates

A. adequate hydration.
B. kidney failure.
C. dehydration.
D. water intoxication.

16. Mary has been told to increase foods containing potassium in her diet. Which of the following foods should she incorporate in her diet?

A. Canned fruit
B. Baked potatoes
C. Cornflakes
D. Pickles

17. How many kilocalories per gram does alcohol provide?

A. 5
B. 8
C. 7
D. 9

18. Iron's main role in the body involves its ability to carry

A. carbon dioxide.
B. lipids.
C. oxygen.
D. protein.

19. _____ impair iron absorption.

A. Iodine
B. Sodium
C. Linoleic acid
D. Phytates

20. Water accounts for about _______ percent of body weight.

A. 20–40
B. 50–70
C. 10–20
D. 50

21. Which nutrient most enhances iron absorption?

A. Vitamin D
B. Vitamin C
C. Biotin
D. Calcium

22. A young adult who consumes 1,000 mg of sodium per day is

A. not exceeding the recommended sodium intake for this mineral.
B. meeting the average intake of most Americans.
C. meeting the RDA for this mineral.
D. exceeding recommendations of the American Heart Association.

23. Angela is allergic to the acid in citrus fruits. What food can provide an ample amount of vitamin C in her diet?

A. Strawberries
B. Tomatoes
C. Liver
D. Spinach

24. From what source may people unintentionally consume excessive sodium?

A. Public drinking water
B. Fresh vegetables
C. Meats
D. Processed foods

25. _______ is the nutrient that's most needed by the body.

A. Riboflavin
B. Calcium
C. Water
D. Niacin

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