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1. In which one of the following sentences is the semicolon

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1. In which one of the following sentences is the semicolon used correctly?
A. Jacob, who plays in the orchestra; has a solo in the concert.
B. The wind howled through the trees; I became terribly afraid.
C. Donald has three sisters; Carla, Donna, and Maggie.
D. Whenever I feel afraid; I think of Aunt Margaret.
2. To set off a quote within a quote, you should use
A. commas.
B. single quotation marks.
C. regular quotation marks.
D. apostrophes.
3. Which one of these sentences should end in a period instead of a question mark?
A. Crandall wanted to know if his laundry was dry?
B. Will you please ask your mother?
C. How old will you be in 2010?
D. She said, "Did you leave it in the car?"
4. The first word in one of the sentences should be followed by a comma. What is that word?
A. Loraine
B. When
C. However
D. She
5. The process of brainstorming involves
A. editing your work.
B. checking punctuation and capitalization.
C. making a list of ideas.
D. writing a first draft.
6. What do you do when you paraphrase something?
A. Cite a quote to make a point clear.
B. Use one quote to explain another.
C. Put an author's words into your own words.
D. Eliminate unnecessary words from a quote.
7. In which sentence is the comma used incorrectly?
A. Sentence 3
B. Sentence 5
C. Sentence 1
D. Sentence 6
8. Which statement about the words "who" and "whom" is most accurate?
A. "Who" can be used as both a subject and object pronoun.
B. The pronoun "whom" can't be used as the object of a preposition.
C. Both "who" and "whom" are personal pronouns.
D. "Whom" is an object pronoun.
9. An adjective can describe both a
A. pronoun and an adjective.
B. noun and a verb.
C. verb and an adjective.
D. noun and a pronoun.
10. Read this sentence: "Norman _______ algebra." How would you fill in the blank with the present perfect tense of the verb study?
A. studied
B. had studied
C. has studied
D. will have studied
11. To show emphasis, what helping verb would you use to fill in the blank in this sentence? I _______ think I have mastered French pronunciation.
A. do
B. must
C. might
D. can
12. The tense of a verb indicates
A. whether a verb is regular or irregular.
B. time.
C. whether a verb is singular or plural.
D. agreement.
13. Which one of the following words should be capitalized?
A. Railroad
B. Drive
C. River
D. Weather
14. In the second sentence, the phrase "inside his trouser pockets" is a/an
A. subordinate clause.
B. prepositional phrase.
C. subject of the sentence.
D. independent clause.
15. Which one of the following sentences correctly uses a comparative adjective?
A. This is the worse picture I've ever seen.
B. Of the three girls, Janet is the better speaker.
C. George has a bigger appetite than Harry.
D. Alicia is a gooder swimmer than Marilynn
16. In which sentence is the underlined word a preposition?
A. She skipped her breakfast, for it was getting late.
B. Senator Young objected to the bill, but he didn't say why.
C. It was a sunny day, but Jane remained indoors.
D. The Constitution calls for equal rights for all.
17. What sort of conjunction is used in the sentence?
A. Coordinating
B. Correlative
C. Common
D. Subordinating
18. Which sentence in the preceding paragraph contains a coordinating conjunction?
A. Sentence 3
B. Sentence 4
C. Sentence 2
D. Sentence 1
19. In which one of these sentences does an adverb modify a verb?
A. The dress was terribly old.
B. Lucy quickly hid behind the tree.
C. Mr. Dodge moved in an extremely slow manner.
D. Jacob was a very smart boy.
20. In which one of the following sentences is the simple subject also the complete subject?
A. Crocodiles, quiet as logs, lurked on the riverbank.
B. Detectives Homer Fry and Janine Small looked high and low for clues.
C. Cory drove to Middleton in his search for Eloise.
D. Large and small dinosaurs stalked the grassy plains.
21. In which sentence do you find subject-verb agreement?
A. If you look carefully, you'll see tomatoes is on that aisle.
B. Farley or Farley's brother is helping me with the project.
C. Neither the clarinets nor the trumpets plays the melody correctly.
D. Where is your keys to my car?
This question is based on the following paragraph:
(1) We decided to climb Mt. Rainer, but it was a long, hard journey to Washington State from Medford, Oregon. (2) We were worried about our likely sucess in the cold enviroment of the upper slopes. (3) For one thing, Marty was broke and anxius about having warm clothes for climbing. (4) To solve that problem, the rest of us choose to chip in and get him good cold-whether gear. (5) At last, we set off for Mt. Rainer. (6) But, when we arrived, it was snowing hard. (7) A local guide recommended that we spend the night in a motel in Tacoma.
22.Which one of the following words is a synonym for the word hard in sentence 1?
A. Difficult
B. Easy
C. Hollow
D. Solid

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