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14. To obtain employee input regarding benefits packages, employers

Customer Question

14. To obtain employee input regarding benefits packages, employers often use: (Points: 4)
performance appraisals
psychological tests.
union reports.
opinion surveys

15. Flexible benefit plans: (Points: 4)
are offered to employees who then must purchase each benefit they select
are favored by employers because they reduce administration costs
result in wasted benefits because of the number of different types available to employees
allow employees to choose benefits suited to their needs

16. According to a recent U.S. Chamber of Commerce study, employee benefits represent on average what portion of payroll costs? (Points: 4)
approximately 15 percent
between 20 and 30 percent
approximately 50 percent
between 35 and 45 percent

17. Which of the following is the major reason for failure among expatriates? (Points: 4)
a spouse's inability to adapt
a manager's personality
inability to cope with larger responsibilities
distaste for travel

18. One of the biggest motivators for international expansion is: (Points: 4)
the establishment of free markets, as in the European Union
the ability to hire guest workers
labor costs
tax benefits
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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