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H01V 1. A neurologist is a specialist who a. diagnoses

Resolved Question:

1. A neurologist is a specialist who:
a. diagnoses and treats disorders and diseases of the elderly.
b. provides care for children.
c. diagnoses and treats disorders and diseases of the nervous system.
d. treats fractures and disorders of the bones, muscles, ligaments, ligaments, and tendons.

6. in the medical office environment, a(n)_______ answers the telephone, takes a message and communicates with the physician.
a. pager
b. automated menu
c. answering service
d. answering machine

8. When a patient has difficulty paying a bill, it is acceptable for the:
a. doctor to stop treatment.
b. patient to switch to another doctor.
c. doctor to refuse to schedule future appointments.
d. patient to pay the bill in installments.

9. Infectious waste must be cleaned up in accordance with regulations mandated by ____ law.
a. Municipal
b. State
c. Federal
d. County

7. Patient compliance is:
a. following the physician's orders only when ill.
b. determining self- treatment.
c. obedience in following the physician's orders.
d. taking control of one's own health.

6. Which is an appropriate way for a subordinate to begin a message to her supervisor
letting him know that the company has been fined due to safety violations in their

a. "Something horrible has happened!"
b. "We received notice today that we are being fined $1,500 for being out of
compliance with safety standards."
c. "Our department has come so far this past year and there are only a few things left that we need to work on."
d. "I think we ought to start taking measures to make our department safer." /

7. "Please submit your end-of the year report by December 31 so we can include your
accomplishments in our report to the Corporate Office due Janduary20." Is it
appropriate to give the report due date in this sentence?

a. No, because the reader will not believe that the writer can produce a good report in only 20 days.
b. No, because it does not benefit the reader.
c. Yes, because the deadline shows the time limit is justified. /
d. Yes, because the mention of a due date builds emotional appeal.

8. Would the sentence "Time is Money!" be a hood opening line for a letter urging a
group of international business executives to come to an immediate decision about
an investment opportunity?

a. Yes, because then they would realize that a delay could hurt them financially.
b. Yes, because it shows that you have a reason for pushing them on their decision.
c. No, because it emphasizes that you are asking the group to spend money in the
first place and their reluctance to do so could be the cause of the delay.
d. No, because people in other countries often take a much more leisurely approach
to negotiations; they may want to establish a personal relationship before they
decide whether to do business with you or not and that takes time.

9. You are in a group that feels very cohesive, so cohesive that it seems to agree
readily at every step of a project, without any lengthy discussion or conflict.
Sometimes you don't agree with decisions, but you do not say anything. Which of
the following is the MOST probable situation?

a. One person in the group has such good ideas that no one can disagree with that person.
b. No one in the group can think of any really good reasons Not to adopt the
ready-made decision.
c. Members of the group value agreement so much that dissenters feel incapable of speaking out.
d. The decisions made are bad, but no one really cares.


10. A job application letter is effective in convincing the reader that an applicant is
knowledgeable of the company by:

a. providing relevant evidence from what the applicant has done in the past to support claims that this person can do the job.
b. presenting in formation about the company as if it will be news to the reader.
c. discussing 10 to 12 specific details to demonstrate the applicant's knowledge. /
d. make the job application letter general enough so that it can be sent to a number
of different companies.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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