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. A __________ is the term for something that has not been

Resolved Question:

. A __________ is the term for something that has not been protected and so is open to harm. (Points: 5)

2. What is the term that describes someone impersonating you by using your personal information? (Points: 5)
Anonymous activity
Identity theft
Personal replacement

3. __________ describes the cross referencing of personal data like shopping preferences to target an individual for specific advertisements. (Points: 5)
Automated buying profiling
Data mining
Personal profiles
Transaction tracking

4. What is the name of the small text file that is stored on your computer to save Web site information? (Points: 5)
Data mine
Web bug

5. What is the term for any of the several different kinds of software that can track your computer use and report it to someone? (Points: 5)
Data mine
Web bug

6. __________ describes the trick of changing the “from” address of an e-mail to make the recipient think it is from a trusted source. (Points: 5)

7. Which of these devices will protect against both electrical spikes and sags? (Points: 5)
Line conditioner
Surge protector
Wide spectrum protector

8. What is the term for software that is designed to damage your data or your system? (Points: 5)

9. Which of these threats will self-replicate across a network? (Points: 5)
Attack script
Web bug

10. What technique do software manufactures use to prevent unauthorized sharing of their programs? (Points: 5)
Copy protection
Copy refusal
Random checking
Hardware blocking

11. What is the author's recommendation about using e-mail for business? (Points: 5)
Send only credit card data, not passwords via e-mail.
Use e-mail for cash but not credit card transactions.
Only reply to your bank or other financial institution if they send you an email first.
Use e-mail only for impersonal information.

12. __________ describs the option to ask a company not to share your data with anyone. (Points: 5)
Privacy lock

13. Which of the following laws is the basis for prohibiting the government from reading your e-mails or watching your Internet activity? (Points: 5)
Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Fair Credit Reporting Act
Freedom of Information Act
Privacy Act

14. Which of the following laws requires companies to inform their users of their privacy policies? (Points: 5)
Electronic Communications Privacy Act
Freedom of Information Act
Privacy Act
Right to Financial Privacy Act

15. Which type of cookie is removed from your browser when you close the session? (Points: 5)
First-party cookie
Persistent cookie
Session cookie
Third-party cookie

16. What type of software do you need to remove programs that record and report your activities to a third party? (Points: 5)

17. What is a good technique for avoiding spam? (Points: 5)
Have a second e-mail account you register with
Reply to each spam message, telling the sender to stop sending it to you
Turn off spam-blocking in your mail program
Use one account but never give out your address

18. If your PC is in a semi-public place and you want to prevent other users from using it, what can you do? (Points: 5)
Put a sign on it
Set privileges on it
Turn it off
Use a password

19. What tool provides protection from unauthorized Internet access to your computer? (Points: 5)
Anti-access software
DSL connection limiter

20. __________ is a significant cause of overheating for computers. (Points: 5)
Air conditioning
Canned air
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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