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1. In the , the singers and band repeat a basic section of

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1. In the , the singers and band repeat a basic section of music while
— the lead singer improvises on a single motif.
A. hook C. vamp
B. twist D. groove

2. The is an example of a non-pitched instrument.
A. vibraphone C. marimba
B. xylophone D. cachiche

3. A is a duple meter dance associated with square dancing.
A. broadside C. stomp
B. hoedown D. corrido

4. The rhythmic feature of Chuck Berry's "School Day" is
A. the wall of sound. C. anacrusis.
B. honky-tonk. D. harmonic ascent.
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5. A short, catchy motif that forms the memorable core of a song is called the
A. label. C. chord progression.
B. hook. D. line.

6. plays a more important role in twentieth-century music than it did in the
music of earlier periods.
A. Rhythm C. Form
B. Melody D. Vibrato

7. The music of Philip Glass is written mostly in the style.
A. minimalist C. impressionist
B. expressionist D. post-Romantic

8. Which one of the following composers sometimes featured American folk
melodies in his compositions?
— A. Xavier Cugat C. John Coltrane
B. Charlie Parker D. Aaron Copland

9. The progression of four basic chords that was used in many popular songs of the
1950s and 1960s is referred to as chord progression.
A. bebop C. doo-wop
B. pop D. vamp

10. Notes that begin a phrase before a downbeat are known as pick-up notes or a/an
A. duck walk. C. shuffle groove.
B. call and response. D. anacrusis.

1 1 . Einstein, on. a Beach was a unique opera because it
A. had no plot and little singing.
B. was written in Chinese.
C. had a single violinist.
D. was exclusively recitative.

12. Agnes de Mille choreographed Aaron Copland's Rodeo to blend
A. ballet with tap. C. square dance with Irish jig.
B. jazz and ballet. D. ballet with square dance.

13. Which song crossed racial boundaries by achieving success on both the R&B
and pop charts?
A. "Please Mr. Postman" C. "Fight the Power"
B. "School Day" D. "My Ding-a-Ling"

14. A musical style that combines traditional and modern elements is called
A. exhibitionism. C. postmodernism.
B. modernism. D. minimalism.

15. A repeated melodic and rhythmic figure in the lower register of the piano is
typical of the Afro-Cuban dance music known as
A. mambo. C. salsa.
B. guaguanco. D. reggae.

16. The musician who ushered in the twentieth-century era of virtuosic rock guitar
playing was
A. Chet Atkins. C. Chuck Berry.
B. Jimi Hendrix. D. XXXXX XXXXX.

17. Which of the following musicals is a modern-day retelling of Shakespeare's
Romeo and Juliet?
A. H.M.S. Pinafore C. Die Fledermaus
B. Rodeo D. West Side Story

18. Which of John Cage's works has been perceived by some as a joke?
A. Mliac Suite C. Einstein on a Beach
B. 4'33" D. Imaginary Landscape No. 4

19. The blending of jump blues and honky-tonk resulted in
A. Motown. C. jazz.
B. rock 'n' roll. D. hip hop.

20. The hand-clapping at the beginning of the song "Please Mr. Postman" is known
as the
A. hook. C. shuffle groove.
B. ostinato. D. vamp.

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