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1. The word diva is used to describe which of the following

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1. The word diva is used to describe which of the following? r-N
A. An eccentric orchestra conductor
B. An eccentric opera composer
C. An eccentric operatic tenor
D. An eccentric operatic soprano

2. The instrument that's a plucked lute with four to six strings and is used to
provide a drone is the
A. sitar. C. bass guitar.
B. bass. D. tambura.

3. Which of the following is a traditional Indian instrument?
A. Pipa C. Ud
B. Sitar D. Tombak
Page 18

4. A is a melodic pattern in Indian music designed to express or produce a
specific feeling.
A. raga C. karnataka
B. tala D. table

5. The rhythmic patterns of Indian music are called
A. tablas. C. veenas.
B. talas. D. pungis.

6. The term is an Italian word meaning "joke."
A. rondo C. fortissimo
B. scherzo D. forte

7. How many symphonies did Brahms write?
A. Four C. Seven B. Six D. Nine

8. Which one of the following terms refers to a slight deviation from the
exact rhythm?
A. Syncopation C. Stop time
B. Rap D. Rubato

9. The term refers to the variety of short piano forms comprising
Frederic Chopin's repertory.
A. ballad C. impromptu fantasy
B. arial D. character piece

10. Verdi uses three distinct type of melody in La Trauiata, Act 1—declamatory,
virtuosic, and
A. lyrical. C. twelve tone.
B. staccato. D. ostinato.

11. Which composer drew heavily on northern European mythology, including many
of the same sources used by J. R. R. Tolkien in his Lord of the Rings?
A. Verdi C. Vivaldi
B. Wagner D. Berlioz

12. At the start of the String Quartet in F Major, op. 96, Dvorak begins with
a pattern using a second violin and cello.
A. contrast and variation C. call and response
B. stream of consciousness D. polytonaliry

13. Gottschalk's Union is an example of as an attempt to connect purely
instrumental music with the wider world of events and ideas.
A. lieder. C. program music.
B. art songs. D. modernism.

14. Which of the following composers helped the United States establish its own
musical sound by drawing on cultural idioms?
A. Brahms C. Dvorak
B. Wagner D. Verdi

15. Which of the following composers is regarded as epitomizing Romanticism?
A. Dvorak C. Gottschalk
B. Chopin D. Schumann

16. The first American-born piano virtuoso to achieve international fame was
A. Dvorak. C. Schumann.
B. Wagner. D. Gottschalk.

17. exemplifies the best elements of nineteenth-century Italian opera.
A. La Boheme C. Rigoletto
B. Pagliacci D. La Traviata

18. Compared to a violin, a cello has a register.
A. low C. high
B. calm D. baudy

19. In Brahms' Symphony no. 4 in E Minor, the composer derived much of the form
and theme from the
A. Middle Ages. C. Classical era.
B. Baroque era. D. Renaissance.

20. Verdi's opera Aida was written to celebrate the
A. opening of the Suez Canal.
B. end of the Civil War.
C. completion of the transcontinental railroad.
D. unification of Italy.

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