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1. Would a culture of E.coli make a good bacteriologic control

Customer Question

1. Would a culture of E.coli make a good bacteriologic control of heat sterilization
techniques? Why?

2. What characteristics of B. stearothermophilus make it valuable for use as
a control organism for heat-sterilization techniques? Explain.
3. What factors determine the choice of a paper strip containing bacterial
endospores or a sealed ampule containing an endospore suspension for
testing heat-sterilization equipment?
4. Would you choose a dry-heat oven, an autoclave, or incineration to heat
sterilize the following items? State why.
Soiled dressings from a surgical wound:
Surgical instruments:
Clean laboratory glassware:
Clean reusable syringes:
5. Why should the results of endospore control tests be known before heatsterilized
materials are used for patient care?
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework

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