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1. Rhianna’s class has been assigned a project that involves concept mapping of their favorite holidays and the activities they enjoy during those holidays. Which of the following best depicts the final outcome of this exercise? (Points : 1) Rhianna must develop a list of possible holidays she enjoys. Rhianna must come up with a visual display that presents holidays and their respective activities. Rhianna must come to class with a list of titles for the concept of “my favorite holidays.” Rhianna must write a detailed essay on why Christmas is her favorite holiday. 2. As students in U.S. schools have become more ethnically diverse in recent decades, their teachers (Points : 1) are equally ethnically diverse. are overwhelmingly Latino and African American females. are overwhelmingly non-Latino White females. are overwhelmingly minority males. 3. Bandura’s reciprocal determinism model consists of all of the following main factors except which one? (Points : 1) Behavior Person Environment Intelligence 4. Isaac runs to the door whenever he hears a car pull into the driveway during the late afternoon. This is when Isaac’s dad usually comes home from work. Isaac never runs to the door during the morning, and he never runs to the door if he hears a truck. Isaac’s behavior can best be described as which of the following? (Points : 1) Extinction Generalization Discrimination Desensitization 5. Attention is the focusing of mental resources. (Points : 1) True False 6. Which of the following is the initial stage of expertise in a particular domain (such as English, biology, or mathematics)? (Points : 1) Acclimation Assimilation Conceptualization Surface realization 7. What is not an advantage of knowing some skills to a level of automaticity? (Points : 1) It lessens the cognitive processing that is required for a task involving those skills. It facilitates the development of schemas and scripts for those skills. It facilitates the meaningful learning of those skills. It increases the cognitive processing that is required for a task involving those skills. 8. Of the following questions, which is best addressed by the approach of social cognitive learning? (Points : 1) How do behavior and environment interact to influence learning? How do children process information through attention and memory? How does reflection and motivation lead to new knowledge and understanding? Why do some children prefer multiple-choice exams while others prefer essays? 9. A concept is best described as which of the following? (Points : 1) Specific assumption or prediction that can be tested to determine its accuracy The process of individuals deciding if an item is a member of a category by comparing it to established category elements Category that groups objects, events, and characteristics on the basis of common properties Visual representations of a concept’s connections and hierarchical organization 10. Mrs. Berstein created an activity for her students, which consists of having to reflect on their own learning and knowledge so that students can be more attentive to the knowledge they possess. Which of the following activities is Mrs. Berstein encouraging in her students? (Points : 1) Elaboration Metacognition Rote memory Cue-dependent forgetting This is a quiz I'm currently taking and only need 3,6,9 and 10 answered for sure, but you can answer all of them if you would like! only 45 mins left to take this quiz! please help! please help!!!!
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework