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7. After Maria drank coffee for the first time, she felt more

Resolved Question:

7. After Maria drank coffee for the first time, she felt more awake. She then drank coffee every morning. Now when she even smells coffee, she feels more awake. Feeling more awake after just smelling the coffee is the ______.
A) conditioned stimulus
B) unconditioned stimulus
C) conditioned response
D) unconditioned response
8. Joanna developed a phobia of dogs after a dog bit her on the leg. This can be explained as classical conditioning. The pain of the dog bite would be ______.
A) both the conditioned and the unconditioned stimulus
B) higher order conditioning
C) stimulus generalization
D) the unconditioned stimulus
9. During the process of extinction, the ______ and the conditioned stimulus are no longer paired. As a result, ______ gradually disappears.
A) unconditioned stimulus; the conditioned response
B) unconditioned stimulus; the unconditioned response
C) unconditioned stimulus; spontaneous recovery
D) conditioned response; stimulus generalization
E) conditioned response; the conditioned response
10. In an experiment, a flash of light is paired with a mild electric shock to a participant's finger. After several trials, the participant begins to pull his finger away after seeing the flash of light. The experimenter then begins to present just the flash, but no shock. After several trials the participant will ______.
A) keep pulling his finger away after seeing the light
B) pull his finger away sometimes but not others
C) gradually cease pulling his finger away after the flash of light
D) pull his finger away more quickly on each trial
11. After a conditioned response is extinguished, it can be relearned through a relatively small number of CS-UCS pairings through the process of ______.
A) re-ignition
B) de-extinction
C) reconditioning
D) stimulus generalization
E) higher-order conditioning
12. On the first day of the new school year, Central High School's fire alarm went off, causing great fear and concern among the students that the chemistry lab had caught fire. During the next few weeks, there was a rash of false fire alarms, and the students began to ignore the alarm. Eventually the glitch in the alarm system was fixed and the false alarms stopped. Six months later, the fire alarm sounded and the students once again reacted to it with fear. What phenomenon was responsible for the students' renewed fear?
A) re-ignition
B) de-extinction
C) generalization
D) spontaneous recovery
E) impromptu conditioning
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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