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1. Learning is best defined as ______. A) the process of converting

Resolved Question:

1. Learning is best defined as ______.
A) the process of converting environmental energy into neural activity
B) a relatively permanent change in behavior or knowledge due to experience
C) natural changes that unfold in a fixed sequence, relatively independent of the environment
D) one's awareness of the outside world and internal mental processes, thoughts, feelings and perceptions regarding this awareness
2. In Ivan Pavlov's classical conditioning experiment, the meat powder was the ______.
A) conditioned stimulus
B) conditioned response
C) unconditioned stimulus
D) unconditioned response
3. Prior to classical conditioning, the automatic reflexive response of the dogs in Pavlov's experiment was ______.
A) hearing the tone
B) eating the meat powder
C) salivating when hearing the tone
D) salivating when given meat powder
4. On the first day of elementary school, Ben didn't understand why a bell sounded at 11:30 a.m. Eventually he came to realize that the bell signaled lunch time. Now Ben starts to feel hungry in anticipation of lunch whenever he hears the 11:30 bell. What is the conditioned stimulus in this example?
A) lunch
B) hunger
C) the bell
D) curiosity
E) Ben's teacher
5. If a tone is sounded each time a puff of air is delivered to your eye, the tone alone will eventually cause you to blink. In this example, the ______ is the conditioned stimulus and the blink in response to the ______ is the conditioned response.
A) puff of air; puff of air
B) puff of air; tone
C) tone; puff of air
D) tone; tone
6. Baby Joey was playing with his favorite toy rattle when his mom dropped an armful of pots and pans behind him. The loud noise made him startle and cry. Now whenever he sees his favorite toy rattle he cries. Here the rattle is the ______.
A) unconditioned stimulus
B) conditioned stimulus
C) unconditioned response
D) conditioned response
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  JamesStone replied 6 years ago.

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