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31. The _______ voice is the highest voice in vocal music.

Customer Question

31. The _______ voice is the highest voice in vocal music.

A. tenor
B. bass
C. alto
D. soprano

32. Music sung without instrumental accompaniment is usually referred to by the term

A. countersubject
B. figured bass
C. a capella.
D. ordo virtutum

33. A short, catchy motif that forms the memorable core of a song is called the

A. label.
B. hook.
C. line.
D. chord progression.

34. _______ is a joining of two influences, European and African.

A. Jazz
B. Rhythm and blues
C. Blues
D. Hip hop

35. Which one of the following terms refers to a slight deviation from the exact rhythm?

A. Stop time
B. Syncopation
C. Declamation
D. Rubato

36. An example of a percussion instrument is the

A. trumpet.
B. clarinet
C. shawm.
D. piano.

37. The repetition (AA), variation (AA'), and contrast (AB) of a piece of music are all part of the music's

A. form.
B. texture.
C. timbre.
D. genre.

38. The term _______ is an Italian word meaning "joke."

A. fortissimo
B. rondo
C. forte
D. scherzo

39. Which step of a minor scale is slightly lower than in the corresponding step of a major scale?

A. Fifth
B. Fourth
C. Third
D. Seventh

40. Henri wants to indicate in the musical score that all the instruments should play. What word will he write in the score?

A. All
B. Tutti
C. Coda
D. Da Capo
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.



I bolded the wrong answer on #35. It should be B. Syncopation

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