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11. A _______ is a duple-meter dance associated with square

Resolved Question:

11. A _______ is a duple-meter dance associated with square dancing.

A. stomp
B. hoedown
C. corrido
D. broadside

12. Word painting is a technique commonly used by composers of

A. suites.
B. program music.
C. madrigals.
D. plainsong.

13. At the start of the String Quartet in F Major, op. 96, Dvo?ák begins with a _______ pattern using a second violin and cello.

A. call-and-response
B. polytonal
C. stream of consciousness
D. contrast and variation

14. The term _______ refers to the variety of short piano forms comprising Frederic Chopin's repertory.

A. ballad
B. arial
C. impromptu fantasy
D. character piece

15. The term ritornello refers to the main theme of a

A. suite.
B. concerto grosso.
C. sonata.
D. virtuoso cadenza.

16. Eldon says that Berry Gordy founded Motown records to produce big band recording artists. Will says that Gordy founded Motown to produce R&B musicians. Who is correct?

A. Only Will is correct.
B. Only Eldon is correct.
C. Neither Eldon nor Will is correct.
D. Both Eldon and Will are correct.

17. Another word for the "color" of music is

A. tone.
B. dynamics.
C. timbre.
D. texture.

18. What is the musical term for one of many verses of poetry in a song?

A. Strophe
B. Canto
C. Refrain
D. Chorus

19. In the 1920s, Schoenberg developed the new system for organizing music called

A. 12-bar blues.
B. 12-tone composition.
C. monodrama.
D. atonal closure.

20. Opera took hold in England in the _______ century.

A. late nineteenth
B. seventeenth
C. eighteenth
D. early nineteenth
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  M Hasan replied 6 years ago.

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