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1. What is the musical term for a prescribed series of pitches

Resolved Question:

1. What is the musical term for a prescribed series of pitches that step upward and downward?

A. cadence.
B. scale.
C. meter.
D. measure.

2. Changing from one key to another is called

A. regulation.
B. modulation.
C. variation.
D. imitation.

3. A group of instruments or voices with similar timbres within the ensemble is the

A. tenors.
B. voicing.
C. orchestra.
D. section.

4. Which composer drew heavily on northern European mythology, including many of the same sources used by J.R.R. Tolkien in his Lord of the Rings?

A. Vivaldi
B. Wagner
C. Verdi
D. Berlioz

5. Alphonsus wants to include unified timbre in part of his cantata. How will this be accomplished?

A. The instruments in the orchestra will play the same notes that the chorus is singing.
B. The orchestra will play in unison while the chorus sings in harmony.
C. The chorus will sing in unison while the orchestra plays an accompaniment.
D. The violins will have a solo and will all play harmony notes

6. The pitch produced by a clarinet is modified by the use of

A. reeds.
B. mutes.
C. keys.
D. slides.

7. Verdi uses three distinct types of melody in La Traviata, Act 1: declamatory, virtuosic, and

A. staccato.
B. lyrical.
C. ostinato.
D. twelve tone.

8. Notes in a major key are considered to be _______ notes.

A. bland
B. sad
C. happy
D. flat

9. The instrument that can create sound digitally and can mimic other instruments by adding partials to the fundamentals is the

A. waza.
B. organ.
C. synthesizer.
D. oscilloscope.

10. The music of Philip Glass is written mostly in the _______ style.

A. expressionist
B. post-Romantic
C. minimalist
D. impressionist
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Kathy replied 6 years ago.

Kathy :

1b 2b 3b 4b 5d 6c



Kathy :


Kathy :


Kathy :

9- c

Kathy :

10 c

Expert:  Kathy replied 6 years ago.

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