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1. According to theorist Lee Thayer, there are two basic life

Customer Question

1. According to theorist Lee Thayer, there are two basic life processes; one is acquiring and processing energy, and the other is acquiring and processing information, also known as: (Points: 5)

2. Communication can be defined as the process of creating: (Points: 5)
shared thinking.
shared words.
shared meaning.
shared emotions.

3. In communication theory, the term __________ refers to any factor that distorts meaning. (Points: 5)

4. An effective way to improve your ability to communicate is to: (Points: 5)
realize that most communication is verbal.
talk when you are decoding a message.
be aware of when you are the receiver and when you are the sender.
try to send and receive at the same time.

5. Improvement of nonverbal listening skills occurs when you: (Points: 5)
ask the sender to repeat the message.
allow several seconds to pass before responding to someone.
frequently look around the room to avoid staring.
begin thinking about your response while the speaker is talking.

6. Sometimes you can help a speaker clarify her message by paraphrasing it; psychotherapist XXXXX XXXXX referred to this technique as: (Points: 5)

7. “You are rude” is an example of a/an: (Points: 5)
“You” message.
neutral statement.
statement that does not label or judge.
“I” message.

8. Techniques for managing conflict include all of the following EXCEPT: (Points: 5)
back up to common ground.
using “I” messages, state the problem.
state only one point of view.
focus on solutions.

9. Strategies to say “no” in a respectful way include all of the following EXCEPT: (Points: 5)
when you refuse, reinforce your words with a firm voice and a confident posture.
couch your “no” in phrases such as “I’m sorry, but I just don’t know if I want to.”
save your response until you hear a question or a call to action.
plan your refusal in advance so you are not grasping for words.

10. To avoid unwanted encounters with members of online communities, you should: (Points: 5)
post information about places you plan to visit in the future.
post only the kind of information about yourself that you want to be made public.
post your home address and your birth date.
post your financial information, such as bank account numbers or social security number.

11. According to the world population profile from the U.S. Census Bureau, China and India account for almost __________ of every five people on earth. (Points: 5)

12. Culture is different from race because: (Points: 5)
culture creates a set of filters or lenses through which we view the world.
culture refers to differences of any type.
culture is the biological difference between people.
race defines how a person worships, thinks, and learns.

13. Which of the following statements best exemplifies a speaker who is avoiding group stereotypes? (Points: 5)
“When I need a new outfit, I ask my gay friends since they probably know a lot about fashion.”
“If you want to learn how to speak Japanese, ask my friend Naoko. She’s taking Japanese this semester.”
“If you want to learn how to play basketball, ask Greg. He’s African-American.”
“When the college hires the new president, it should pick a woman because she will be more sensitive to students.”

14. If you are speaking to someone who doesn’t understand English well: (Points: 5)
repeat the same words over and over again.
use gestures of frustration so he or she will try harder to understand.
speak faster and louder.
print what you are saying in block letters.

15. The hand signal that signifies “OK” to many Americans -- the thumb and index finger forming a circle -- is __________ in Japan. (Points: 5)
an obscene gesture
a symbol for money
the number zero
also a sign for “OK”

16. An example of sexism can be demonstrated by:
students in philosophy who study a woman named Hypatia, an ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician.
a counselor who says that careers in math & science are inappropriate for women.
an art history book that mentions the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo or Georgia O’Keeffe.
a counselor giving info to a female student who asks for a brochure about teaching.

17. When we stereotype we:
celebrate our own culture.
gloss over our individual differeence
are displaying self-justification.
speak of cultures that
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Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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