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1. ________, the most affluent U.S. demographic subculture,

Resolved Question:

1. ________, the most affluent U.S. demographic subculture, now have more than $450 billion in annual spending power.
A) African Americans
B) Hispanics
C) Asian Americans
D)Gen Xers
E) Gays and lesbians

2. Which of the following is NOT true of mature consumers?
A) The best strategy is to appeal to their active, multidimensional lives.
B) They are an ideal market for "do-it-for-me" services.
C)High-tech home entertainment products appeal to them.
D)They place more importance on brand names and are more brand loyal than members of other age groups are.
E) They are good candidates for cosmetics and personal care products.

3. Companies who use brand ambassadors are participating in ________.
A)opinion leading
B) traditional marketing
C) buzz marketing
D) direct marketing
E) values marketing

4. A buyer's decisions are influenced by ________ such as the buyer's age and life-cycle stage, occupation, economic situation, lifestyle, and personality and self-concept.
A) personal characteristics
B) reference groups
C) perceptions
D) attitudes
E) psychographics

5. ________ is a person's pattern of living as expressed in his or her psychographics, including his or her activities, interests, and opinions.
A) Personality
B) Culture
C) Lifestyle
D) Motive
E) Social class

6. If the consumer's drive is strong and a satisfying product is near at hand, the consumer is likely to buy it then. If not, the consumer may store the need in memory or undertake a(n) ________.
A) brand personality
B) alternative evaluation
C) postpurchase behavior
D)information search
E)product adoption

7. Generally, the consumer's purchase decision will be to buy the most preferred brand, but two factors can come between the purchase intention and the purchase decision. Which of the following is one of these factors?
A) postpurchase behavior
B) attitude of others
C) cognitive dissonance
D)alternative evaluation
E) new product adoption

8. Which of the following statements about buying centers is true?
A) The buying center is like a standing committee.
B) The buying center roles are specified on the organizational chart.
C)The typical buying center has five employees, one to assume each of the buying center's roles.
D) An individual's role in the buying center does not change.
E) The buying center may involve informal participants who are not obvious to sellers.

9. Generation Xers, who were born between 1965 and 1976, share the childhood experiences of higher parental divorce rates, recession, and corporate downsizing. They tend to care about the environment and value experience over acquisition. Generation Xers make up a ________.
A) subculture
B) social class
C) social network
D) life-cycle stage
E) lifestyle

10. Bob's job description had been changed. The rationale for the changes made no sense to Bob when they were explained. Bob continued to perform most of his job duties as usual. He has engaged in ________.
A) selective distortion
B) selective attitude
C) selective interpretation
D) selective attention
E) perceptual defense

11. Juana looked at her September issue of O magazine and did not see anything of interest. After her mother was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she found the issue extremely interesting because it offered advice on how to help people who are suffering from this problem. The September issue of the magazine became quite interesting to Juana due to ________.
A) subliminal messaging
B) social factors
C) selective attention
D) the hierarchy of needs
E) unconscious motivations

12. Which of the following is NOT part of the business market?
A) Scott Sign Systems sells interior signs to an Alabama resort.
B) A municipal government buys chemicals for its city swimming pools.
C) Sue buys a gift for her mother.
D) A Canadian software company buys airplane tickets to send a group of salespeople to make a presentation to a heavy equipment manufacturer in Japan.
E) Airmark sells a vinyl printing press to a manufacturer of plastic bags.

13. Kroger Supermarkets buys a lot of cranberry products at Christmas due to high consumer demand. This is an example of ________ demand.
A) joint
B) derived
C) elastic
D) fluctuating
E inelastic
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Category: Homework
Expert:  Kathy replied 6 years ago.

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