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Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
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1. Most people have never tried to be a leader because a.

Resolved Question:

1. Most people have never tried to be a leader because? a. they don't have leadership skills b. they lack the personality traits necessary for leadership c. they have no idea of what leaders actually do d. it requires executive coaching 2. The path-goal theory includes all EXCEPT? a. clarifying the follower's path to the rewards that are available b.determining whether the situation is favorable or unfavorable to the leader c. increasing the rewards that follower values and desires d. working with subordinates to identify behaviors for task accomplishment. 3. Assumption are? a. not part of a leader's mental model b. part of a leader's mental model c. an expression of the organizational mission d. a personality trait 4. If a leaders actions and decisions contradict the best interests of the organization, effective followers? a. take a stand b. follow the leader c. sacrifice their personal integrity d. follow passively 5. _____ calls for leaders to share power and responsibility in such a way that anyone can become a leader, depending on the situation? a. Authoritarian management b. Mentoring c. Self-management leadership d. Charismatic leadership
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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