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Book of Essentials of sociology A down-to-earth approach

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Book of :::: Essentials of sociology: A down-to-earth approach 8th ed. Henslin
In the "nature vs nurture" controversy, which of the following terms least applies to nuture?

a. Social enviroment
b. Heredity
c. socialization
d. parenting

what term applies to the mechanisms society develops to meet its basic needs, such as family, religion, education, and medicine?

a. Agents of socialization
b. social constructs
c. virtual communities
d. social institutions

How do winners of large lottery jackpots avoid the pitfall of anomie?

a. they take an isolationist approach, moving to a new location and cutting all ties with former associates
b. they hire an attorney to manage their affairs and withdraw from society
c. they maintain the lifestyle and behavior they had prior to their financial windfall.
d. they embrace the "life of the rich and famous" and treat themselves to what they can now afford.

At the last shareholder meeting of the Arrowhead Corporation the stockholders of the corporation refused to rubberstamp the CEO's recommendations. How is theis refusal characterized in the world of business?

a. The stockholders do not understand business managment
b. the stockholders are exerting a coup' de etat against the CEO
c. the stockholders are staging a stockholders' revolt
d. the stockholders are going to a wildcat strike

In his research, George Farkas discovered that, even though they had identical test sores, some students were prone to receive better grades than others. Which students received the better grade?

a. boys and Latinos
b. girls and asian americans
c. white females and african americans
d. latino males and white females

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