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1. Of the following, which is NOT evidence against the belief

Resolved Question:

1. Of the following, which is NOT evidence against the belief that psychics have special abilities to see into the future?
A) Most people are easily deceived.
B) No psychic predicted the events of September 11, 2001.
C) The predictions of even the most famous psychics are usually wrong.
D) When a psychic's prediction is correct, it is usually because it is either vague or an event that is most likely to truly occur.
2. Critical thinking is ______.
A) used by most people in most situations
B) considered unimportant in regards XXXXX XXXXX
C) the default manner people use to make important decisions
D) the process of assessing claims and making judgments on the basis of well-supported evidence
E) More than one choice is correct.
3. Which of the following questions would a person engaged in critical thinking be LEAST likely to ask?
A) Is there evidence to support the claim?
B) What is the most reasonable conclusion?
C) What are my gut feelings about the claim's validity?
D) Can the available evidence be interpreted another way?
4. A specific testable prediction about a phenomenon is known as ______.
A) a theory
B) a correlation
C) a hypothesis
D) an explanation
5. The prediction that "exposure to full-spectrum light will make people feel less depressed in the winter than exposure to incandescent light will" is an example of ______.
A) a theory
B) a hypothesis
C) a correlation
D) an intervention
6. Earlier in the semester, you completed a Psyk.trek simulation in which you determined if a series of target words had a mouth, rhymed with another word, or were printed in capital letters. Then you typed in as many of the target words as you could remember, pressing the enter key after each of them. The number of target words that you correctly typed in was our ______.
A) operational definition of recall
B) operational definition of recognition
C) hypothesis regarding recall and recognition
D) hypothesis regarding the three levels of encoding (semantic versus phonemic versus structural)
E) operational definition of type the three levels of encoding (semantic versus phonemic versus structural)
7. If this reading quiz on "thinking critically" consisted only of questions about the capitals of various countries, it would be lacking ______.
A) validity
B) a theory
C) reliability
D) variables
E) an operational definition
8. You stumble upon a test on the web that claims it can assess a person's intelligence based on the answer to a dozen or so questions. As you read about the test, you start to wonder whether the website' test truly measures intelligence. In other words, you have concerns about the ______ of the test.
A) validity
B) reliability
C) empiricism
D) absolute value
E) statistical significance
9. You take the same personality test on several different occasions. Each time you complete it, the data suggest different conclusions. The results from this personality test are lacking ______.
A) validity
B) reliability
C) variability
D) absolute value
E) statistical significance
10. A theory is ______.
A) an elaborate set of hypotheses
B) a physical law that has been established through experimentation
C) an integrated set of principles that can be used to explain and predict phenomena
D) the constant formulation, reformulation, and abandonment of explanations of behavior and mental processes
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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