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Memorization through active rote repeating of information

Resolved Question:

23. Memorization through active rote repeating of information may result in poor retrieval because ______.
A) repetition results in learned material decaying rapidly
B) interference is more likely to occur as the number of repetitions increases
C) no associations are created by repeating the information this way
D) memorization through repeating is usually associated with boredom and lack of motivation

24. Memory is BEST described as ______.
A) a digital camera creating snapshots of individual moments
B) a video camera recording an exact copy of the scene
C) a printer printing out everything in a computer file, word for word, pixel by pixel
D) an artist drawing her subjective impression of a landscape

25. Amanda asks Becky, “How was your spring break?” As Becky describes her vacation, she begins to feel guilty because she subconsciously recalls how her parents criticized her for taking a trip instead of concentrating on her studies. Becky's recollection of her vacation is an example of ______ memory, and her feeling of guilt is an example of ______ memory.
A) an explicit; an implicit
B) a procedural; an explicit
C) an implicit; an explicit
D) a procedural; an implicit
E) a semantic; an episodic
F) an episodic; a semantic

26. Which statement below BEST describes short-term memory?
A) Your sensory processes react to it.
B) You freeze it briefly in order to pay attention to it.
C) You mentally work with it to accomplish some immediate task.
D) You retrieve it later when you need it again.

27. Once a neurotransmitter is released into the synapse, it is most like ______.
A) a size 10 foot looking for a size 10 shoe
B) an accident waiting to happen
C) a rolling stone
D) a lock waiting for a key

28. Imagine you are the instructor of this Intro Psych course. A student tells you, "I don't think I can remember this material. I don't have much room left in my long-term memory; it's too full with the stuff I've already learned in this course." How would you respond in order to help the student constructively?
A) "No, you have plenty of room in long-term memory. It's your attitude that's the problem."
B) "That's a real possibility. Maybe you should rely on maintenance rehearsal for the test."
C) "Maybe that's true; most people can store only a limited amount in long-term memory. I'll teach you how to do chunking to overcome that."
D) "Your long-term memory will not fill up during your lifetime. Maybe the problem is getting the information in or getting the information back out."

29. Which of the following is the best example of what is called "spreading activation" in a semantic network?
A) Your sensory registers allow you to perceive smooth motion when you move your head.
B) You start thinking about cars, and that leads you to think about trucks and sport-utility vehicles.
C) You find it difficult to remember happy things when you are in a bad mood.
D) You find it easy to remember word pairs if you mentally image the two words interacting.

30. When you are asked to indicate what   George  Washington,    Andrew   Jackson,   Abraham Lincoln, Bill Clinton, and George Bush all have in common, you are really being asked to form ______.
A) an analogy
B) a concept
C) a long-term memory
D) a hierarchy

31. Becci calls her husband, Ted, at his office to pick up a few things at the grocery store on his way home. She then rattles off a list of fifteen items. Only after they say goodbye and hang up does Ted write down the list. He should be able to remember ______ items without chunking.
A) 1 to 2
B) 5 to 9
C) 10 to 12
D) all 15
E) 3 to 5

32. As you read this sentence, which of the following memory processes does NOT occur?
A) Your working memory converts the light energy reflected from the page into the appropriate pattern of neural activity.
B) Your sensory registers hold a representation of the visual information for about a second.
C) Your short-term memory holds the first few words of the sentence in memory as you read the rest of it.
D) Your long-term memory helps you recognize and understand the words.
E) All of the above occur.

33. The major controversy surrounding both eyewitness testimonies and repressed memories is their ______.
A) content
B) bizarreness
C) lack of detail
D) accuracy

34. Sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory are ______.
A) types of encoding
B) separate isolated processes
C) components of a model that likens memory to the mechanics of a car
D) interactive processes

35. Which of the following is a question requiring the deepest processing of the word "lake"?
A) Does it have a "k" in it?
B) What would a person do with it?
C) With what other words does it rhyme?
D) How many letters are found in the word

Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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