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Which of the following changes is LEAST likely to occur in

Resolved Question:

Which of the following changes is LEAST likely to occur in the brain during the formation of a memory?
A) A decrease of activity in the hippocampus.
B) An increase in the number of spines on dendrites.
C) A decrease in the sensitivity of synapses through long-term depression.
D) An increase in the sensitivity of synapses through long-term potentiation.
2. As Ron ages, his ability to remember things declines. His doctor believes that there is a biological reason for this and prescribes a drug to improve Ron's memory. The doctor MOST likely prescribed a drug that ______ the amount of ______ activity in Ron's brain.
A) decrease; serotonin
B) increase; dopamine
C) decrease; glutamate
D) increase; acetylcholine
3. As a result of being hit on the head, Jean-Luc has a memory problem. He cannot learn the names of new people who he meets. Fortunately, however, he can remember the details of his life prior to the head injury. Jean-Luc is demonstrating ______.
A) the recency effect
B) the primacy effect
C) retrograde amnesia
D) anterograde amnesia
E) proactive interference
F) retroactive interference
4. Thor won the gold medal in the hammer-throw at the 1996 Olympics. Later that year, he married his sweetheart Elke. A few months after the wedding, Thor was in an accident that damaged his hippocampus. Now Thor CANNOT ______
A) recognize Elke's face
B) remember that he won the Olympics in 1996
C) remember who won the hammer-throw in the 2000 Olympics
D) remember the muscle sequencing necessary to throw the hammer

1. After moving to a new area, you go to the bank to open an account. When the new-accounts representative asks you to select a personal identification number (PIN) for your ATM card, you choose 0422 because your birthday is XXXXX April 22nd. This memory strategy is called ______.
A) the peg-word system
B) network association
C) savings
D) mnemonics
2. Instead of writing down your grocery list, you decide to try one of the mnemonics described in your Psychology textbook. Specifically, you associate each item you need to buy with a different room of your house. You are using the mnemonic known as ______.
A) acronyms
B) cramming
C) method of loci
D) method of savings
3. Tom and Jerry each studied for exactly ten hours to get ready for an upcoming Intro Psych team test. Tom did his studying during the ten hours just prior to the test. Jerry studied for two hours a day on each of five days just prior to the test. Assuming all else is equal between Tom and Jerry, how well are they likely to do on the test?
A) Tom should do better than Jerry does.
B) Jerry should do better than Tom does.
C) Tom and Jerry should do equally well as one another.
D) There is no way to predict how they will do based on the information given.
4. Which of the following is LEAST likely to improve recall of textbook information?
A) mentally organizing the material
B) reading through the material a second time
C) asking yourself questions about the material and answering them
D) relating the material to information you already know
5. Brad and Angelina are roommates studying for a Psychology team test. Brad reads the textbook at an even pace; Angelina, on the other hand, keeps stopping and rereading when there is something that she doesn't quite grasp. Which of the following is true?
A) Brad will remember more because he used distributed practice.
B) Angelina will remember more because she used massed practice.
C) Brad will remember more because he was not constantly interrupting the flow of learning.
D) Angelina will remember more because she adapted her reading speed to the complexity of the text.
6. Which of the following is NOT one of the PQ4R suggestions for how to read a textbook?
A) Preview each chapter before reading it.
B) Re-read the chapter, underlining or highlighting key passages.
C) Recite major points in your own words when you finish a section.
D) Reflect on what you are reading thinking of your own examples of concepts.
7. The most effective way to take lecture notes is to ______.
A) skip taking notes and just listen
B) write down as much detail as possible
C) think about what is said and write down the main points
D) tape the lecture and transcribe it word for word later on
E) highlight the corresponding sections in your textbook as the main points are covered in lecture
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