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When asked to describe an examination room at his doctors

Resolved Question:

When asked to describe an examination room at his doctor's office, John seems to do an accurate job. However, his description included a framed medical degree on the wall that was in fact not there. This is an illustration of ______.
A) a retrieval cue
B) constructive memory
C) elaborative rehearsal
D) context-dependent memory
2. In Roediger and McDermott's study, what was the purpose of having the participants do math problems before recalling the words?
A) It prevented the participants from rehearsing the words.
B) It gave a general idea of each participant's level of intelligence.
C) It boosted the participants' self-esteem, making accurate word recall more likely.
D) The problems were designed to frustrate the participants, thereby allowing the researchers to study the effects of stress on memory.
3. What was the finding of Roediger and McDermott's study?
A) All of the theme words were falsely remembered.
B) Theme words were falsely remembered as often as listed words were correctly remembered.
C) Few theme words were falsely remembered and few listed words were correctly remembered.
D) Few theme words were falsely remembered although many listed words were correctly remembered.
E) Accurate word recall was greater after the participants first did math problems than when they had been allowed to say the words shortly after hearing them
4. Roediger and McDermott's study indicate that ______.
A) memory is seldom, if ever, accurate
B) although memory is constructive, it rarely is distorted or inaccurate
C) false memories are caused by spreading activation within a semantic network
D) it is more effective to encode information semantically than acoustically or visually
E) memory is constructive and that memory distortion and inaccuracy are commonplace
5. Your friend tells you that she just adopted a cat. You naturally assume she means she adopted a house ecat and not a lion or a tiger. This is an illustration of ______.
A) an implicit memory
B) methods of savings
C) spontaneous generalization
D) a state-dependent memory
E) a context-dependent memory
6. When you hear the phrase "birthday party," you might start thinking of a cake, candles, presents and balloons. These form part of your ______ for birthday parties.
A) schema
B) retrieval cues
C) method of loci
D) sensory register
E) context-dependent recall
7. Curly and Moe were questioned by the police about a car accident they had witnessed less than an hour before. Curly was asked how fast the car was going when it "rammed" into the stop sign. Moe, on the other hand, was asked how fast the car was going when it "bumped" into the stop sign. All else being equal, Moe will most likely remember that the car was going ______.
A) over the speed limit
B) the same speed that Curly remembered
C) faster than the speed Curly remembered
D) slower than the speed Curly remembered
8. Which of the following statements best summarizes what is known about eyewitness testimony?
A) Eyewitness testimony is never reliable.
B) Eyewitness testimony is usually highly reliable.
C) Good and bad eyewitness testimony is usually evaluated accurately by jurors.
D) Eyewitness testimony can be biased by the types of questions that a witness is asked.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 6 years ago.

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