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Chris M.
Chris M., M.S.W. Social Work
Category: Homework
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Experience:  Master's Degree, strong math and writing skills, experience in one-on-one tutoring (college English)
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English Composition II

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Question 1 Question 1     1.       Question 1 text                          Your survey goal should focus on _______.       Answer       Question 1 answers                 generating statistically reliable results                 building your paper on the survey findings                 creating a large sample size                 finding some patterns for topic support 4 points    Question 2 Question 2     1.       Question 2 text                          A good first step to arrange an interview involves _______.       Answer       Question 2 answers                 stating your name and research project                 asking the interviewee to conform to your schedule                 making the contact before researching the topic                 insisting on a face-to-face meeting 4 points    Question 3 Question 3     1.       Question 3 text                          Experts often _______.       Answer       Question 3 answers                 have special knowledge in a narrow field                 know a little about a variety of topics                 use language everyone easily understands                 appear meek and unassuming on TV 4 points    Question 4 Question 4     1.       Question 4 text                          Open-ended survey questions _______.       Answer       Question 4 answers                 provide short answers                 leave little room for interpretation                 easily fit into a response table                 produce interesting answers 4 points    Question 5 Question 5     1.       Question 5 text                          Experts often gladly share their knowledge with _______.       Answer       Question 5 answers                 other experts in their field                 curious students                 newspaper reporters                 university professors 4 points    Question 6 Question 6     1.       Question 6 text                          _______ offers a specialized site with links to Internet-based library resources.       Answer       Question 6 answers                             4 points    Question 7 Question 7     1.       Question 7 text                          You plan a paper on criminal justice. You need to select the _______ periodical database.       Answer       Question 7 answers                 humanities                 education                 business                 social sciences 4 points    Question 8 Question 8     1.       Question 8 text                          You decide to help support your topic by conducting an informal survey of other students. This type of survey _______.       Answer       Question 8 answers                 conforms to scientific methodology                 requires a large sample size                 suggests some behavior patterns                 produces scientifically reliable results 4 points    Question 9 Question 9     1.       Question 9 text                          Even when you discover a wealth of resource material on your topic that can be easily integrated into your research report, you should strive to make your own content equal _______ of the report.       Answer       Question 9 answers                 80-90%                 75%                 50%                 33% 4 points    Question 10 Question 10     1.       Question 10 text                          Plan to consult a journal when you need _______.       Answer       Question 10 answers                 a peer-reviewed article                 a topic of broad interest                 writing aimed at a general audience                 results from casual surveys

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