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Problem 1. Generally, an organization will not operate beyond

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3. Norville creations wants to achieve an after-tax profit of $45,000 for the year ended December 31, Year 1. The company sells its product for $35 per unit and has a contribution margin ratio of 15%. the company's fixed costs are currently $150,000 and its tax rate is 25%. How many units must Norville selll to achieve its after-tax profit objective? a. 11,092 b. 37,143 c. 40,000 d. 62,857 4. Excalibur Corporation has developed a model to predict sales revenue for its line of beach towels and swimwear based on long-range weather forecasts. The sale of the line is positively correlated with mean temperature and the probability of the occurence of a particular range of mean temperatures, which is developed independently by the National Weather Service. The probability of mean temperature and realted sales of product line units are asd indicated below for the month of July: Unit sales Temperature Probability 10,000 75-79 5% 30,000 80-84 25 50,000 84-87 50 40,000 87-89 15 25,000 over 90 5 What sales volume, in units, would Excalibur Corporation anticipate using the expected value approach? a. 31,000 b. 40,250 c. 50,000 d. 155,000 5. Controllable margin is used as a refined measure of strategic business unit reporting that is best described as: a. Margins reported to strategic business unit managers realted to the revenues and costs specifically within the managers control and responsibility. b. contribution margin net of controllable fixed xcosts (those costs that managers can impact in less than one year.) c. Margins exclusively focused on entirely direct costs. d. Margins derived after comprehensive consideration of all costs designed to achieve strategic objectives 6. Startegic objectives for the mission and vision of the organization are generally linked to realted objectives. All of the following obejectives are typically regarded as related objectives except: a. operations objectives b. reporting objectives c. information technology objectives d. compliance objectives 7. Employee perception that leadership is not interested in the ideas from personnel has what logical and unwanted consequence? a. Managers may be the last to know about problems that are "common knowledge" b. personnel may become overly specialized c. management communications may be ignored d. increased use of the ethics hotline 3. Mo' Joe Coffee Shop is concerned as to whether its brand name is XXXXX XXXXX wants to compute a market share variance to measure the effect of the companys market share on the company's contribution margin. Mo' Joe sold 90,000 units compared to a budgeted 120,000 units in a market that regularly commands 500,000 units in sales. The budgeted contribution margin per unit is $ .88 while the actual contribution margin achieved was $ .56 per unit. Mo Joe's market share variance is: a. $26,400 b. (26,400) c. 16,800 d. (16,800
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Expert:  F. Naz replied 6 years ago.

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